Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quick Update on Commissions & Oliver!

One of the commissions I've been doing for the kind people that have donated to Oliver's treatment

So this past week has been really tough, but amidst the craziness and all of the anxiety, we had a great day so far today.
Last Sunday we took Oliver into the emergency vet because he had stopped eating and was very weak. One of his medicines gave him a stomach ulcer and was making this whole ordeal much more complicated. Side effects are so confusing. One medicine heals, but causes something else that needs another medicine to counteract. I don't understand it all -- I am not sure if anyone really does!

Today, though, I'm hopeful! We went into our regular family vet, talked with them for a while about how Oliver is doing. He had a tube to help get him some food while he was sick and they were able to take it out today. He almost instantly perked up, ate some food on his own, and explored the office (we brought him to Paper Bicycle for a little bit as we were on our way home) after it was out. It was such a relief. Seriously. I have been on pins and needles for a week hoping he'd do well!

Now I am just hoping for a speedy recovery and that his appetite gets better, and he can go back to cuddling and roaming the house with his normal chipper attitude. It's always a scary thing when your loved ones are sick - especially from complications of one of the things that are supposed to help heal them.

I wanted to write a quick post to thank everyone that has been super sweet to me during all of this!
As you can imagine - running Paper Bicycle, Light Grey Art Lab, teaching and trying to keep my regular life together on top of all this is a juggling act, and people have been so wonderful and understanding.

I am hoping that the craziness is over for now, and that we can go back to "normal". Cross your fingers for us!
We are still fighting the battle, but for today, things are looking up!

I hope to post more of the commissions I've been doing, too - thanks to everyone and their never-ending patience!
I am finally getting around to tackling some of the later ones! Thanks again!

Everyone go hug their loved ones! :) Hug them all for me!