Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily Pattern: The stormiest Planet

Ok, I have been an almost never contributor on these patterns, but I am on a mission, for better or for worse, to do all of them for a while. First up: storm. And you can't have a good storm without lots and lots of clouds*.

*This might not, strictly speaking, be true.

Daily Pattern: Fierce like Lightning

Topic: Storm

We get some pretty serious storms in Minneapolis. I love them but I guess the weather is a little less predictable other places around the country. It can go from sunny to rainy to massive hail to full-on tornado within an hour, and it's not particularly noteworthy.

I remember one day at a previous job, we had a design review in a top floor board room during a massive storm. The sky was a dark green and there were warnings of tornadoes. There were huge chunks of hail pelting the floor-to-ceiling windows but it was business as usual until one of the designers, who had just moved from NYC, interrupted everyone and shouted "DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE?"

He was terrified and wanted us all to go to the parking garage. When the meeting continued on as normal, he wasn't very happy.


Daily Pattern: To Be A Witch

Topic: Halloween

There you have it. Some things you need to be a standard witch for a day.



Topic: storm

“Where I live there are no storms and floods. That's why "storm" for me is rain rain rain... especially when the rain comes for few days. This is when you wake up and fall asleep under the monotonous sound of rain, do not go out, and drink tea with chocolate chip cookies every 20 minutes. If the electricity is not working, the next day seems as though it has been raining for a week.”



Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! While I know today is Halloween, it almost feels like it's over already! That's because the Paper Bicycle crew got in the spooky spirit on Saturday!


We decided to go as a gang of skeletons! No, not Cobra Kai, but close! Lindsay, Alyssa and I were joined by Adam and Jesse for a night of parties, dancing, tearing up the club and sweating... followed by more dancing in the streets!

Skeleton crew

Our outfits and make-up are 100% hand crafted and pretty stylish to boot!

We had a great time, and hope you did too! If you got gussied up, share your DIY costumes in our contest!

Daily Pattern : DIY Halloween Costume Contest!

Topic : Halloween

Happy Halloween, my friends!

Did you go out this weekend and party it up? I think Chris mentioned it before, but a bunch of us got together and made some super fun last-minute DIY skeleton costumes! I'm so excited to wear that hoodie again! I think my class might get to see it -- as I get to celebrate Halloween one more time!

Did you make your own costume and party it up this weekend? Anyone else out there do a DIY costume?
If you have some awesome pics from your outings and want to share them, send them to Chris(at)paperbicycle(dot)com (with your name) and we'll post em up!

AND -- if you end up being my favorite creeper, you'll win one of our sweet Paper Bicycle designed travel mugs ;)

Just send your costume pictures our way by Dia de los Muertos! (End of the day on November 2!)

Happy Halloween, my friends!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daily Pattern: Decorated Skulls

Last night we went out for some Halloween fun. Everyone dressed as skeletons, and it was pretty amazing how much variation there was for what seemed like a pretty straightforward costume. I figured we'd all end up with pretty much the same look.

So today's pattern is dedicated to our group Halloween costume! Decorated skulls!


Also, check out our real costumes here!

Daily Pattern: Good Ol' Fashioned Fun

Topic: sledding

My parents have one of these old sleds at their house. I was spoiled with inner tubes as a child, so I can't imagine what it would be like using one of these metal and wood models. Still, sledding is one of those things that never stops being fun.


Daily Pattern: Small Sails

Topic: vacation

This summer we found out that sometimes you can get a free sailboat ride on Lake Calhoun. It was a really great surprise; we were sitting on the dock speculating on how nice it would be to ride on one of those boats and then one came up and the crew asked if we wanted to join them. It's a regular thing there, so if you happen to be on the dock on a really nice day you may catch them when they're carrying people back and forth across the lake.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Daily Pattern: Dragons

Topic: fantasy

Sometimes you just have to draw some dragons.


Daily Pattern : Adventure

Topic : Fantasy

A long time ago in a kingdom far away, there was a game called Adventure, for the Atari. That game single handedly began my love affair with nerdy fantasy adventure games. I remember freaking out when the dragons came near, and I remember getting confused and thinking they were giant seahorse/ducks. If you've ever played it, you know exactly what I mean. The keys, though, were the other most important part of the game. You had to race to get each color key in maze after crazy-maze, in order to unlock the gates of several multi-colored castles. Chris and I played all the way through it once more when we found it on the Playstation 3 (I think that's where it was?), and had a grand old time beating it. It's still one of my favorites, and it's still really hard.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Studio : A little rivalry

Alright guys, you have to see this. I know it's not the best picture, but look at this giant, goofy dog trying to squeeze his way into a tiny dog bed. For the past week we've had our hands full baby sitting these 3 dogs as they get used to "working" together in the studio. Atari's jealous of all the new attention that Sully has been getting, so he's acting out his frustration by pretending he's a 10 pound dog instead of the giant beast he is.

I don't think he's fooling anyone. Anyone have any good tricks for introducing dogs and easing their introduction?

Dog bed

Daily Pattern : Pile of Leaves

Topic : Eco

Wow, today was invigorating. I got a ton of stuff done - made about 6 or 7 patterns at work, got paid, had amazing / inspiring conversations with Alyssa, had a second re-affirming great conversation with Chris, and FINALLY, after grabbing a quick slice of pizza from Pizza Luce down the street, I'm sitting down to post my pattern.

All that happened at work, so when I got home - it was a huge surprise to see that my dad and his friend Sergio had completely cleared up my yard for me! I now have a crazy awesome manicured place (who knew this was possible!). In fact, the leaves were all raked up, and it looked so good I was like "where am I? Who's house is this?" Here's a leafy pattern in memory of the leaves that are no longer littering my crusty front lawn. May they be traveling to better, more compostable places.


Daily Pattern: Cloud Party

Topic: Eco

I've actually worked on two Eco-themed projects this week and both had the explicit instructions: no green leaves and no trees. Which is kind of tough, actually.

For this pattern I decided to stick to the no leaves, no trees rule. I thought back to my middle school biology class where we made small, plastic eco systems.
I remember being pretty astounded that weeks or months later, condensation was still forming along the sides and dripping back down to water the plants contained within.

Clean water is a pretty big deal and it's only becoming more rare and precious. So this pattern is dedicated to the natural cycle of evaporation, condensation and clouds feeding other clouds.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daily Pattern : Arctic Cruise

Topic : Vacation

Yeah, coasting through chilly, icy waters still appeals to me. Even now, when the temperature in Minneapolis is steadily dropping and I can't seem to stay warm. I've been "window shopping" on the internet for sweet winter coats... putting all of them in my cart, and never actually pulling the trigger and getting them. I know I'll need to get a good winter coat if I'm ever going to go on an Arctic cruise. When it's a million below zero, vanity is no longer a consideration... My concerns will be to keep my limbs from freezing and falling off. (We had a good conversation today at the studio about comfort vs. fashion).

Someday I'll travel through the ice and say hi to all the whales up there, probably in a good, solid coat.


Daily Pattern: Coral Sea

Topic: Vacation

When we take vacations to warm weather locales, we usually end up going snorkeling. It's always a blast and it's an easy-going excuse to get in the water. I'm always fascinated by coral, because I know it's not a plant and that's kind of creepy for some reason.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daily Pattern: Alligators!

I got to spend a little more time on this one! ^__^

Today's topic of 'Vacation' made me remember visiting Florida when I was younger and being amazed driving past seeing Alligators swimming in pools and rivers!

Daily Pattern :Monster hats

Hello! It's been a little while since i've posted anything here as i've been busy at work! Here's today's lunch time pattern! Monsters wearing hats, need I explain anymore?

Daily Pattern : Pumpkin in the Cat Patch

Oh man! Here we go! More Halloween Patterns! I've got one for you. All these cats are choosing their perfect pumpkin for the Jack-o-lantern carving contest. Look at them all sneaking around in there!

It seems like we've had quite a few cat patterns recently. Here's another one for the pile!!

Halloween is coming soon! I'd better get my costume ready!


Daily Pattern: Orange You Glad to be a Zombie?

Topic: Black and Orange

It's officially that Halloween time of the year! Festive celebrations will be unavoidable this weekend, and on Monday I'll be watching Rocky Horror Picture Show while waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive at the door (a family tradition that runs as long as I can remember).

What better time than do some nasty drawings of zombies? There's no better time, really. Mmmm, maybe my birthday, I guess, since I love drawing zombies.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Pattern: Candy Corn and More

Topic: black and orange

One thing that's great about holidays is the special quality they bring to consuming certain kinds of treats. I will most certainly want eggnog in a month or so, and I will have a hard time seeing candy corn as anything more than a triangle made of corn syrup. Right now, candy corn sounds pretty tasty.


Daily Pattern: Best Feline Friends

Daily Pattern: BFF

Cat's are weird. For instance, when a dog meets another dog, it's the greatest day in the world. Excitement and fun is sure to follow.

When a cat meets another cat, it's the end of the world. Hissing and scratching is sure to follow. But that doesn't stop us from filling our house with a colorful assortment of feline friends. Like Pokemon, we gotta catch 'em all!

Our cats have the natural tendency to pair off. Each one as a compliment, and if you are looking for one, you're likely to find the other. Because they're BFF's: Best Feline Friends!

Unfortunately, while they each have their soulmate, they're not all friends. Most of them also have a WFE, or Worst Feline Enemy. And for the most part, the WFE is one cat in particular (I'll let you guess which one is the baddie from my pattern).


Daily Pattern : Good vs. Evil

The other night Francesca and I were leaving the studio around 11pm to grab some donuts at Kowalski's. Our building and the street outside was pretty silent. We were about to turn down the alley to get to my car, when a drunk man walks up and catches us at the entrance of our notoriously cruddy alley

"Hey, Ladies... Have you ever seen a Somali Pirate?" he says and flashes us a huge drunken smile

"Ahahahahaha, nope!" I say as we slow to scoot past him, (Cue, my own incredulous HUGE smile) -- and we keep walking down the pitch black alley

And he says :
"We'll you're looking at one! Have a good night, ladies" and stumbles off.

And now we know a Somali Pirate. Ah, fate smiled upon us that day. Dark Alleys + Pirates don't always end as wonderfully as this! And then we ate donuts.

With that, here's my pattern for Versus : Choose your fate!




Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daily Pattern : Fruit Parfait

Topic : Plant

I don't get it. Sugar has always made me feel awesome. Then, one day, a year or so ago, I just couldn't eat it. I'd still try, and then, to my dismay, I'd feel like garbage and regret it. Even cupcakes. EVEN BUBBLE TEA. These days the most sugar I can get is a fruit and yogurt parfait. So these days, I make cupcakes for everyone else I know and live vicariously through them while they eat. I'm not sure if that makes me awesome, or a creeper. I'll try not to stare too hard next time you're eating something awesome near me. I'll keep it to myself -- then I'll go home and eat some fruit.


p.s. thanks to everyone that tried to watch me livestream this. I had some major computer issues BOTH TIMES! I didn't even realize livestream stopped until I was totally done! Woe is me. Maybe it'll work better next time! Waah!

Daily Pattern: Plant Stripe

Topic: Plant

For some reason it took my forever to land on a color scheme for this pattern. I guess I was on autopilot, just picking shades of green and hating them all.

Finally I decided to pick some decidedly non green/yellow color palettes and immediately felt 100 times better about the pattern.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Daily Pattern: Cutey Friends

Topic: BFF (best friends forever)

Part of the reason going to a Japanese supermarket or buying Japanese stationery is so great is because it's coated in the sweetest little animals. A trip to United Noodle (a favorite Twin Cities Asian import grocery) usually compels me to draw some kind of anthropomorphic food item or cute animal. For "BFF", I decided to treat myself with some cute gouache painting. I posted the individual character paintings here.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daily Pattern: Down Right Fierce

I love fighting games. They're the reason I got into video games in the first place. Although I've played them all, I specifically love Street Fighter. I've been playing Street Fighter for years and years and I can never get enough. I always want one more round.

Of course, even Street Fighter is pretty boring game if you don't have a perfectly balanced opponent to fight. My friend Ryan is just about as close as it gets. There's ups and downs, but we generally come out near 50/50 by the end of the night. No matter the score, we always have to make the last match an epic, age-old battle: his Ken vs my Ryu.

And I usually blow it. But I don't care because there's nothing I'd rather do. So this is dedicated to the incessant tapping of the buttons on my arcade stick when Ryan and I do battle.


Daily Pattern : Inseparable

Topic : BFF (Best Friends Forever)

I've got two dogs. A big one and a little one. Since day one they've been the ultimate duo. Now that they're getting a little grey around the muzzles, they're a stronger team than ever. I love these hairy babies. What a pair of goofy mutts.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daily Pattern: Thanks For All The Fish

Topic: sea mammals

These dolphins are probably very small, because it seems they're in a fish tank with a small castle and plastic coral piece in the back.



Here's our exciting news! I know you've waited all day to see what our sweet surprise is....

Please welcome Alyssa Nassner to the Paper Bicycle team! We met Alyssa when she came to work with us for a week earlier this year -- and now she's a new Minneapolis resident! We absolutely adore her and are SO excited for her to be here! You guys already know her from many of the awesome patterns she's contributed to the Daily Pattern Project -- and from our participation in some of her Ten Paces & Draw topics!


Alyssa's a super talented illustrator / surface designer. She's got adorable work (and an adorable dog named Sully!) and a crazy fantastic sense of taste!
Welcome to Minneapolis, Alyssa! We're super excited to have you here and we can't wait to make all the art with you! YEAH!

She just came into town this last week and is setting up and exploring the Twin Cities -- Minneapolis people! You'll have to stop by and say hi!

P.S. We'll be planning a party in the near future -- We'll keep you posted! Details to come soon!

Daily Pattern : Three Dolphins

We'd like to introduce you to featured friend, Mareike Engelke! She's an illustrator / graphic designer participating all the way from Germany! We're so happy to have her creating topics with us!

Welcome, Mareike! We're excited to see what you make!

Topic: Sea Mammals

"In the last 3 weeks three (!!!) dolphin babies were born in the zoo of my hometown. They have 3 different mothers and the same father.
It's a sensation! Their names are DIEGO, DÖRTE and DARWIN. "


Daily Pattern : Narwhal

Topic : Sea Mammals

I've been thinking of the arctic! A lot! In fact, if I could find a couple thousand dollars, I'd go on an amazing tour of a freezing, magical land.
Speaking of magical, and freezing, I've made a pattern of the most magical of sea mammals - the narwhal. The great cousin of the unicorn.


Daily Pattern: The Cute White Whale

Moby Dick is a fearsome beast, we all know that. Not all white whales are like that, though, despite what you might think. Man, don't be so judgmental.

This little guy is friends with all the boats in the sea! He just wants to chill and swim and not smash up boats and stuff.


However, if you do want to read an interesting, horrifying story of a whaling trip gone terribly wrong (which ultimately inspired the story of Moby Dick), check out In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, it's super rad.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daily Pattern: Manatee

You've heard of chicken of the sea - well the noble manatee is the cow of the sea. Usually he slowly floats along the coast grazing and such, but today he's hanging out with his fish friends.

Studio : Cupcake Party

Another day, another cupcake. We had an awesome day at the studio today making art and celebrating something awesome. I'll have to tell you all about it tomorrow in an official post. (No one is getting married, and no one is having a baby, so cross those off your list) With that, I'll leave you to drooling over our vintage-tinted sweets. Until then... More patterns. :)

All the votes pointed to Wuollet Bakery being the winner of our impromptu cupcake-contest. With the Mocha Cupcake being the winner.

Cupcake party!

Daily Pattern : These are some of my favorite things

Topic : Cozy

Put all of my favorite things in one place and what do you have? Paper Bicycle Studio.
No, really. It's got tea, inspiring, talented people, pets, my bff, my husband, art, a great view, plenty of sweets, and the internet and plenty of light grey stuff. I'm not sure I could ask for anything more.

Life's too short, right? Might as well try to cram all the good stuff in where you can fit it.


Daily Pattern: Ex Libris

Topic: cozy

Lately I've been reading a lot. Maybe it's a kind of thing that you really want when it gets colder, like fatty, sugary food. The consequences are generally much more healthy, though.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daily Pattern: After Party

Sledding is OK, but a bit too cold and wet for my taste. I was always more excited about what was waiting for us at home post-sledding: a crackling fire, some hot chocolate and copious amounts of tiny marshmallows!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daily Pattern : Hibernating through winter

Topic : Sledding

Squirrels miss all the winter fun. I know they are -- they're too busy hibernating through the winter! They sleep straight through Christmas, New Years, and all the winter sports you could imagine!

Today Chris and I went shopping for winter stuff. Once the temperature drops to 50, I'm reminded that we'll be snowy and white soon enough. I've got some new boots and he's got a brand new winter coat. We're all ready to go sledding... now all we need is the snow.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Daily Pattern: Party Kit

Topic: cake

Topic: party

Two in one! I hadn't finished my "cake" topic from last week, so there's that, but then added to the fun with a matching coordinate for "party". Now all we need is some ice cream and we're ready to throw this thing.



Daily Pattern : Like it's my birthday

Topic : Party

Eat cake, wear a party hat, treat yourself. Gonna make this my new course of action for every day. Starting today. Chocolate cake, here I come.
Gonna party like every day is my birthday.


Daily Pattern: 4 AM Clean-Up

Topic: Party

I know most people probably hate cleaning up after a party but I don't mind. It's the calm after the storm and I actually find it kind of peaceful and relaxing.

This pattern is dedicated to the aftermath.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily Pattern: Droppin' Science

Topic: Chemistry

I never much liked Chemistry in school. In fact, it was among my least favorite subjects. Maybe that's because I wanted it to less rote memorization and more Spiderman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Incredible Hulk. You know, radioactive powers! Throw that in the curriculum and you got yourself an eager student!

This pattern is a nod to miraculous changes at a molecular level. Maybe, just maybe, someone is going to be wonderfully mutated in the process...


Daily Pattern : You feeling what I'm feeling?

Are you feeling what I'm feeling?
Those sparks? That's a little bit of chemistry.

Weird fact : You know your chemistry is compatible if you think the smell of your mate's mouth is pleasant (gross, I know, but true). If you can stand the smell of their saliva, it's meant to be. Onions and garlic aside, of course.