Past Projects & Contributors

This blog has had many forms!
Here are some of the past collaborative projects that we've done!
Take a peek through the archives if you're interested in seeing the past lives of the paper bicycle blog!

Paper Bicycle Team:
Lindsay Nohl, Francesca Buchko, Chris Hajny,

Daily Pattern Project:
Patterns by Artist:
Lindsay Nohl, Francesca Buchko, Chris Hajny, Alyssa Nassner, Adam Hoppus, Emily Muschinske, Mary Nelson, Bryan Ische, Minerva GM, Reed Bond, Ira Sidakova, Vân Tran, Jesse Riggle, Fran Court

To see all of the daily patterns, click here!

101 Florals:
Lindsay Nohl and Llew Mejia
See the 101 florals project here.
or, to view Lindsay's 101floral patterns here.

Biker Doodle:
by Francesca Buchko
See all of the Biker Doodle's here.

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