About Us: Hi there! My name is Lindsay Nohl. I'm a creative with a ton of different passions. I am the owner of Paper Bicycle LLC, a product and surface design studio in Minneapolis Minnesota, and the founder of Light Grey Art Lab, a collaborative gallery that focuses on bringing artists together across group exhibitions, workshops and social events.

I am an illustrator, a maker, and a collaborator at heart and my blog has taken on many forms over the last 10 years! In a lot of ways, I consider this a place where I can share work, talk about things that are going on in my creative life, and feature things that I'm really interested in. I'm always working on something different and love talking about the process.

I have been working in the product design industry for 10 years and have enjoyed every moment of it! Check out some of my product design work on Paper Bicycle's site, and for a more well-rounded view of my interests, feel free to take a peek at the rest of my interests on my personal site. I'm also an adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, where I teach product and surface design, and digital illustration. Beyond that, I'm always looking to connect with other creative people to do interesting things, make work together, or start something crazy.

Please stop by and say hello!


:) Lindsay


If you are looking for work for hire, please contact lindsay(at)paperbicycle(dot)com with any inquiries. We'd be happy to chat with you about any new project, big or small! Our website can be found here: www.paperbicycle.com

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  1. Hi Lindsay, I was looking up Narwhals and saw your post from a number of years ago. My daughter wants a Narwhal baby quilt. Is your post a pattern or fabric? I can't tell. Thanks, Cindy O'Connor cindycrafts#@gmail.com