Friday, September 30, 2011

Daily Pattern: Versailles

“I was recently lucky enough to travel to France, and spent a day at Versailles. I just loved Marie Antoinette's little farm - the houses were so cute! The scenery, art and furniture of Versailles were definitely an inspiration to me, especially all of the wonderful damask patterns - I have photos of the wallpaper and textiles alone! I added a sun into the pattern as a tribute to Louis the XIV, the Sun King.”



Daily Pattern: Butterfly Wings

Layer masks are wonderful things. This pattern reminds me of when I first learned how to use layer masks. I opened a co-workers file to edit it and I was like "the eff?" Luckily she set me straight and I haven't looked back!

Anyway, I figured since the topic was so girly I should not spoil it any do something gross/obscure. So here's a pretty butterfly pattern!


And here's the cooler version. Reminds me of my middle school years.


Daily Pattern : Salt on the ground

I used to live in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dirt road. In good weather, hoards of little yellow butterflies would gather on the dirt and eat salt from the mud in a massive yellow group. I haven't seen a butterfly in a long while. Maybe it's because I'm in the city? I'm sure they're all migrating or hibernating by now... or whatever butterflies do in colder weather.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Pattern : Showers

Topic : Nice

Agh! I'm a little late with this one, but I got it covered!
I had it almost finished and then my computer ran out of batteries last night! AND, my charger was nowhere to be found! Darnit!
Like Francesca, I thought of the weather! Some of my favorite days are the grey ones with a little bit of rain. I made this pattern with a bunch of funny umbrellas to celebrate the bit of rain we've been getting in Minneapolis. The best is the smell after it rains on a fall day.


I can't believe it's almost October! Where did the whole month go?! Even if it's a little later than I though, I'm excited to spend October in a jacket and hoodie, with my boots on. Love the weather we'll be getting! So, so nice.

Daily Pattern: Mounting Butterflies

Topic: Butterfly

“I have always been fascinated with mounted and framed butterflies and would love to have a pink, polka-dotted wall to display a collection of them someday. A girl can dream, can't she?”



Daily Pattern: Nice Weather

Topic: Nice

I had a completely different thing, all drawn out and ready to go (maybe I'll be able to use those icons in another pattern) when I remembered I had to run out to the store for something. As I was leaving, the cashier asked if I got to enjoy the nice weather and I almost did a facepalm. Of course! Weather is the nicest.
I made a pattern about the nicest weather around.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daily Pattern: Minnesota Nice

I know Minnesota Nice refers to the always-polite-and-generous attitude of the locals, but I'd say it's pretty applicable to the environment as well.

I'd be willing to bet that if you're anywhere in the Twin Cities area, 15 minutes is the longest you'd have to walk to find a body of water and some huge, lush trees.

In Minneapolis alone there's three creeks, twelve lakes, three large ponds, a fair sized waterfall, five wetlands and, of course, the massive Mississippi River running through downtown.

Whether I'm at home or work, sometimes I forget just how easy it is to get away from the work-a-day world and back to nature if I want to.


Also, here's version with some blatant text on it, for good measure.


Daily Pattern: Nice People

Topic: Nice

“Nice is a difficult word to define, much less I thought about all of the other words we use that can mean nice, and while looking through the sketchbook I was jotting them down in, I noticed that I draw a lot of happy, goofy people who would have nice hair if they were real. I kept it 2-color because my sketchbooks are usually just pen and ink. I like to think that all of the people in my pattern are nice people!”



Daily Pattern: Bubble Hearts

Topic: ditzy/calico

Bubble wands are always fun. I mean, they might get old after a couple minutes, but the next time you rediscover blowing bubbles it's fun again, especially if you have pets. Or small children.



Only a week left to submit your patterns for our September Contest!
Make something about the place your live and send it our way! Just send in a pattern with a sentence or two about why you made it and we'll put you in the running to win a travel cup we designed! Send your entries by next Wednesday, October 5th!
Excited to see where you live!

Other details here for where to send your art - and what you can win!

Everyone is welcome to submit up to three patterns - featured friends (past and future, included! )


Daily Pattern : 60s bedsheets, only $30 on Ebay

Topic: Ditzy

I was waiting for a conference call tonight from a client in China tonight. I had about 20 minutes to kill, so I went to one of my usual internet haunts, Ebay. I have a tendency to horde everything from the 40s through the 70s. Anything paper, fabric, or what have you. Mostly all the stuff with vintage illustrations or patterns on them. I put a bid in tonight for a wallpaper swatch book from the 60s. I just couldn't help it.
My ditzy pattern tonight was inspired by all the sweet sweet goods I found. I love it so much. Donations, anyone? I'll gladly take your old 60s paraphernalia off your hands.


Daily Pattern: Pixel Fruit

Topic: Ditzy

Here's a ditzy little pattern of pixel fruit!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minneapoils Details : Ford Parkway Bridge / Mississippi River Graffiti

Chris and I went on a walk with the dogs this weekend across a bridge by our house. We live about four blocks from the Mississippi River near a bridge that crosses over into St. Paul. As we were walking across the huge, expansive bridge, I saw a glimpse of some color under the St. Paul side. When we reached the far side of the bridge, we crawled down the bank, alongside the supports of the bridge and found a gorgeous, colorful mess of graffiti. Finding stuff like this makes me want to run around and explore the other nooks and crannies. I thought you might enjoy seeing what we saw.




As we stepped down underneath the edge of the bridge, we could see across the whole Mississippi. The giant bridge had been painted all the way from where we were standing, to the other side of the river. We could see the tags run atop the first supports -- all the way beneath the road, high above the river. If you take a close look, you can see it. I can only imagine how crazy it must have been to scale the underside of that bridge. It's quite a drop down...





The dogs were running around like crazy-dogs, over rocks, mud and piles of smashed spraypaint cans. It was beautiful, and weird. Sort of like a strange, hidden place. I wonder how many people have been down there to see it?

Daily Pattern: Bodega

Topic: ditzy/calico

“This pattern is dedicated to all of the flowers in NYC that are dyed unnatural shades of turquoise, and sold at many of the delis - AKA bodegas - in every neighborhood in the city. Very strange to see but still very pretty in a vase on my coffee table!”



Daily Pattern: Pie-Making

Topic: Harvest

I like to think fall is another good reason (excuse?) to make desserts. I tried making a pumpkin pie from scratch, and that didn't really work, so I think my next attempt will have to be an apple pie.


Daily Pattern: Halloween Harvest

Topic: Harvest

I'm from a rural area outside of Madison, Wisconsin. My parents weren't farmers but I ended up in my fair share of farm jobs. I started in the tobacco fields when I was in the fourth grade and found myself in a similar situation a few more times before I got to where I am.

I've dealt with tobacco, corn, tomatoes, strawberries and melons, but when I think of harvest I think of pumpkins! Plus, it's almost time to go pick out a big, juicy pumpkin for carving! Halloween is probably the best holiday, duh.


Lindsay got a bunch of pattern books in the mail today, half of them modern, half of them vintage. I was a little inspired by the colors in the vintage books, so I tried to use some of those saturated tones in my pattern.

Daily Pattern : One bad apple

Topic : Harvest

My parent's have had an orchard for years. Well, it's not so much an orchard as it is a bunch of fruit trees that they've planted about 15 years ago, and left to grow on their own in their back yard. Most of the fruit is wormy, due to the fact that my mom isn't a huge fan of spraying chemicals on plants, and a lot of it is inedible unless you want to pick around the bug spots. I guess it could be called an "organic" orchard. Maybe a better term for it would be "deer food".

Every year, though, I get to hear all about their bountiful wormy fruit harvest. I am wishing that I'll get to go on a fruit picking spree this year so I can get some of my favorite apples. Anyone else like Honeycrisp apples? Ooh, they're good.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily Pattern: Debil Moon

Topic: Harvest

I'm happy to present this week's featured friend, Erin Klauk! She's starting us off with her lovely, seasonally festive harvest moon pattern.

“The story behind my pattern is that when I was a little girl and it was autumn in New England, my older brother and I loved when the moon was big and orange, a harvest moon. We called it the Devil Moon but I couldn't pronounce the V, so it became the "Debil Moon". My family has a history with words kids can't pronounce becoming the real names for things, so not only do we still call it a Debil Moon, but we have a great uncle named Poo Goo because my mother couldn't say "Mike" when she was little.

I am an illustrator who has always had a strong affinity with patterns and textures, which led me to textile and surface design. While I mainly illustrate and hand letter psychedelic gig posters and album covers for local bands, I also make tea towels and small fabric goods from my textile designs. My website is, my twitter is @klaukie, and my facebook "like" page can be found at . I also have an etsy page which will be up and running in a few weeks, just in time for holiday shopping: I live in Brooklyn, NYC (soon to be San Francisco, CA!) with my super sweet boyfriend Josh and our wonderful cat, Catter.”


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily Pattern : Collecting Art

Topic : Bad Habit

I've always admired a great tattoo from a talented artist. When I got out of college, I went against mom's judgement and got myself a couple tattoos. Sure, I hid them until I got married. Sure, that was a good long 5 years of hiding them? Long sleeved shirt in the pool? Sure! Jacket in 90˚ weather? No problem. But regrets? Naw. Never.
I still get a frown from her every now and again, but she still loves me, tattoos and all.

So what's my bad habit? Spending all my money collecting art. Even if it's the permanent kind.


Daily Pattern: The Mittens

Topic: Brisk

There was this picture book I remember from when I was a kid called The Mitten. It featured an abandoned mitten that ended up housing a menagerie of animals. There was at least a chipmunk, a fox, and a bear.
I considered that, but then settled on a menagerie of mittens. In the context of the story, this image is a little frightening.


Daily Pattern: Smoke Break

Topic: Bad Habits

I've never smoked, this isn't really a self-reflective pattern. But I would say I'm guilty of throwing cigarettes into my drawings on a fairly regular basis. I don't really condone smoking, but I guess it's just something to put in a characters hands. So that's my bad habit.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily Pattern: Marigolds

The last floral pattern was so much fun that I was glad to have another opportunity. The bike ride to work is through some really lovely residential gardens. This week I noticed some people have their boulevards lined with marigolds–really pretty (kind of smelly) flowers. The coolest thing about marigolds, though, is when they dry up and you can harvest their seeds from the little pocket beneath the blossom.


Daily Pattern: 3 Round Burst

Just as I was about to start this pattern, my friend Nic invited me to play some Battlefield Bad Company 2. My favorite game. It was hard to resist, but putting off a Daily Pattern is a good way to fall behind, so I regretfully declined.

But in my heart of hearts I was right there with him, capturing control points and blowing up M-COM stations. That's why I made this pattern dedicated to short, controlled bursts. Remember kiddos, if you spray and pray in multiplayer, you're probably going to lose.


Daily Pattern : THANK YOU! Now, make a wish.

I wanted to send a sincere thank you out to everyone that reads our blog. I know there is a lot of great stuff out there, and I am so happy that you take the time to stop and take a peek at the things we make. Really, truly, it means so much to us.

I want to put it out there - if you guys have any fun topics you want to see us do, give us a comment here or say hi to me on Twitter (paper_bicycle) and tell me what you're up to and what you want to see. (OR JUST SAY HI!! :D ) I want to make some sweet patterns for you!

Anyway, I love you guys. Thanks for looking and I hope I get to hear from you soon!

Now, close your eyes and make a wish on these Dandelions!
Here's to you! <3<3 We can't thank you enough. -Lindsay 2011_09_22_Burst_LindsayNohl_sm

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily Pattern: Beads and Embroidery

Originally the focus of this pattern was going to be the linework, but then it became a fun excercise in combining textural color with the linework to balance each. I'm happy with the embroidered–on–deerskin results.




Hey! There's still quite a bit of time to draw up a pattern of your space, city, home, or state! Make a pattern of somewhere you love to be and send it our way by Wednesday October 5th and you're in the running to win this month's prize!

I might even post a Minneapolis pattern again (can't help it, this place is great).

Here are all the details! Click through to see the goods!
Can't wait to see what you make!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daily Pattern: Make me a sweater

I want a sweater that looks like this. Oversized, Chunky knit, and warm.
I'm loving the crisp weather outside. Even though my feet are getting a little cold.
I'd attempt to crochet one if I knew how to do more than a straight line!


Daily Pattern: Rough Tribal

I researched some tribal patterns and came up with this layout. When I finished the layout, it just looked like a quilt. Oops. So I distressed the crap out of it, hoping that making it look ancient would help it read more tribal and less quilt-y.


Daily Pattern: Green Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are cute and fun bugs, until one hits you on the face as you ride your bike through the grass. Then they're straight up nasty. Big ol' heavy suckas smacking you on the kisser.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily Pattern: Winter Bunnies

I'm starting to not really care for winter too much. The snow, you know? It gets in the way of doing things sometimes. Sometimes it's kind of pretty, though, and that can make it worth it. Everything's grey and eery. Here's a wintery bunny pattern, sans snow.


Daily Pattern : When I say Jump...

Woke up today with a million dirty litterboxes and a list of obligations a mile long. After sitting upright in bed for 20 minutes, trying to pry my eyes open, I went for a run over to the nearby community gardens and sat on the ground next to all of the overgrown and browning plants. I haven't had a second these days to sit out in the middle of nature and just be there.

So, when I thought of today's pattern, I thought of one of my other favorite outdoor pastimes, wading in the water and looking for creatures. All of these guys look like they're having a blast.


Daily Pattern: Triangle Quilt

This is a triangle pattern, not to be confused with the upcoming quilt pattern that I need to make in order to catch up. I was looking at Mary Blair's artwork last night and marveling over her color use. I get into "color ruts" pretty often, so I thought it might be fun to make a pattern pulling inspiration from some of her work. I tried mimicking some paint texture with a few new tools, too.


Daily Pattern: Basketballs!

I'm not great particularly great at sports but I did quite like basketball and dodgeball even if I was a little bit rubbish at them!
Here's my contribution for today's topic of 'jump!'. Oh, and I thought it looked a little bit like an orange yes? There's a sneaky one in the last pattern :D

Daily Pattern : Got Some Space Up In This Place

Whew! Today was a long one. Had a bunch of work to do at ye olde Paper Bicycle, and then I was off to teach a pattern course at MCAD. I had a blast being around everyone today. I have to tell you, teaching is super rewarding. All of my students made some amazing things for their first patterns in class, and I went home inspired!

I went a little insane with the triangle prompt today, but I love what happened. Here's some nasty tribal space triangles for you.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily Pattern: Triangles in Blue

It's mainly triangles up in this pattern. Sure, you'll find a few 4 or 5 sided polygons, but triangles rule the day. Just like they ought to.


This pattern is a spiritual successor to my abstract cube pattern. In hindsight it's one of my favorite patterns and I'd like to do a few more shapes with that theme.

Daily Pattern: Tiny Apples

I tried to think of a Macintosh/Apple pun for a title and then thought maybe I wouldn't do that. Autumn is (finally) in full swing, and lately my art-making is influenced by that. One of my favorite things about autumn is that apples are in season and they are delicious and oh-so versatile.


Daily Pattern: Fashion Flags

Although the cool fall weather is here to stay, New York Fashion Week has fast-forwarded us past old man winter all the way to Spring/Summer 2012 and the word of the day is COLOR. So while I daydream about weather warm enough for pretty dresses and skirts, I'm throwing your eyes a bright happy color party...decorations included.



Daily Pattern: Trendy Triangles

So hip, so fresh! I guess for this pattern I channeled my inner Mike Perry (or like artists) for this tantalizing trendy textured triangle thing. (Alliteration? Don't mind if I do!) I had fun playing around with different mark making tools for this pattern!