Thursday, December 29, 2011

Repeating Recipes: Old Fashioned Doughnuts


My mom's Grandma Frances used to make these all of the time. She used to bake and cook a lot in general. When it came time to find some recipes I knew what I had to do–get a chair and reach for the highest kitchen shelf where mom keeps the box of old recipes (pretty convenient, visiting the family for the holidays).

Doughnut card front

Doughnut card back

Downloadable Recipe Card Here!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Its Chris hajny's birthday!

Guess who had a birthday today! Our very own Chris Hajny!
Happy birthday, Chris! You are the best!

We had a great night tonight, filled with some of Chris's favorite things, making art, having friends over, playing video games, eating sushi, and making (and eating too much)puppy chow! What more could you ask for?

Chris, this one is for you! You're amazing and we all think so!
Happy Birthday!!

Repeating Recipe: Cucumber Spread on a Salt Bagel


This recipe for Cucumber Spread is actually from my mom (who was also the inspiration for Lindsay's recipe). Traditionally it's a dip for chips but I'm counting it as a breakfast food because it is sooooo doooope on a salt bagel. You just don't know.

It's simple, it's delicious and it's a family favorite! It's also healthy because it has TWO vegetables in it! Right?



Download a printable version here!

Repeating Recipes : Norwegian Blueberry Breakfast Crepes


After a long drive on December 23rd, Chris and I finally arrived at his mom's house in Stoughton, Wisconsin. A grueling seven hours after we set off from Minneapolis, we unfolded ourselves from the car, stretched, grabbed our bags, dogs and presents, and wobbled up the stairs to a room filled with the Chris's ever-growing family. There were babies, siblings, pets, and great food there to greet us.

Myra, Chris's mom is wonderful, caring and very into her Norwegian heritage. Her home is decorated with a beautiful collection of Norwegian art, including a wall of intricate Rosemaling paintings.
When I thought if what kind of food to pick for my very first repeating recipe, I skipped some of the first things that come to mind, and went to something a little fun, and a little sweet.

Norwegian Blueberry Breakfast Crepes
I have limited cooking experience with Crepes, but I am a master of eating them. I love crepes of all kinds: sweet AND savory. I figured I'd choose something easy, yet beautiful to share with you! I could eat these by the truckload.


Go ahead! Download a high-res, printable version of the recipe card here!
That way, you can try it out yourself and save a copy in your recipe box!

I found this delightful recipe on, contributed by a person self-named 'Dreamer in Ontario'. It's easy to use, and delicious!

This sure beats a recipe for Norwegian Lefse, doesn't it!

Repeating Recipes! A New Daily Pattern Project & Contest!


Are you enjoying the last week of the year? Starting to think about your New Year's resolutions? I am. I haven't quite narrowed them down to something manageable, but I do know that going to bed at a reasonable hour is one of them. Good thing it isn't the first of the year yet. Apparently I'll still continue with my old ways of staying up til 3am and posting on the blog until I absolutely have to change my ways.

So! Without further ado!

For the rest of this year, and up through January 27th, we'll be adding a fun facet to our Daily Pattern Project! As you might have known, all of us went home this weekend to visit our respective families over Christmas and were delighted with home cooked meals, desserts a-plenty, and tons of dishes we haven't tasted in far too long. This month, we want to share some of those flavors with you by doing a whole month of patterns around the topic FOOD.

And for those of your asking about our daily pattern contests? You're in luck and we're starting up our pattern contests again this month on the topic of Food!
Think of your own favorite meals! What kind of edible goodies might you want to turn into patterns?
Watch for the official invite later this week with all the contest details and a photo of this month's prize!

Ok, ok, I'll hurry up and get to bed already.
Hope you're setting more reasonable New Year's resolutions than I am. This habit is going to be a hard one to break!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Paper Bicycle!

In honor of all of the merriment, festivities, and giant gobs of great food, we've decided to post some fun animated gifs to warm your hearts and spread some cheer! Though I wanted so badly to make one earlier this month for Alyssa's Ten Paces and Draw snowglobe project, I JUST got around to doing it -- on Christmas Eve, nonetheless! Every Minute was worth it! Alyssa, Francesca and Chris did such an awesome job on theirs that I wanted to join the fun. So here you go! Merry Christmas to one and all! Enjoy yourselves today! You deserve a wonderful holiday!

Reindeer Dance, by Lindsay Nohl

Christmas Zombie, by Chris Hajny

Home Sweet Home, by Francesca Buchko

Let it Snow, by Alyssa Nassner

Friday, December 23, 2011

PB Studio - Lookin' Sharp. Jacket graphics by Llew Mejia

Earlier this fall I asked Llew Mejia, a good friend and amazing designer, to design & print me something special, and he totally made the best thing ever. Feast your eyes on our new, sweet exclusive jackets!

Sweet graphic & printing by Llew Mejia,

I've been waiting to fulfill this fantasy of mine for years. Francesca and I would talk about making Paper Bicycle jackets and wearing them every day. The topic would come up, then fade away, then come up again weeks later, then fade away. Llew finally made this dream a reality, and we've been wearing them every day since we got them.

I can't even tell you how many times people have asked us what the name of our band is

Francesca! Turn around!

Quick! Soak it up! A rare picture of Francesca!

I am in love with these jackets!

Alyssa is the happiest!

Chris and his thug face

Super secret meeting against this wall!

Thanks, Llew! These are the coolest!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Ornaments Weekend Monster style...

Hello to all you Paper Bicycle fans. When Lindsay told me about her paper toy holiday ornaments I couldn't resist! I decided to do double duty with Paper Bicycle ornaments and my own Weekend Monster! challenge...and what would the holiday season be without that classic, blue faced galoot, the Abominable Snow Monster of the North from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

For the monster I used the Teardrop ornament. I added in some arms and legs for a little extra kick.
Download here.
Download here.

For the car I used the Christmas Car ornament. I altered the dieline a little because I figured the "Bumble" would probably be more likely to cruis around in a big arctic snow cat with flames then a family sized car.
Download here.

Happy Holidays everyone!


My last sweet ornament for the season - introducing candy-coated deer. He'll be grazing on your licorice lawn while you're out for a spin in your candy convertible.

Download the file here to make your very own!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When I was in Kindergarden -- all the way up through gradeschool -- I loved bunnies more than anything! My birthday is in March, and every birthday, my friends would gift me stuffed animal bunnies of all sorts. Big ones, little ones and bunnies decorated for Easter -- so many bunnies! I love this shaped ornament, and I was so excited to make one of my favorite animals!


Download the high-res files here!

Maybe some day I'll get a bunny as a pet!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Animal ornaments are my favorite! My family's tree has quite a few. When you're a kid, they're basically just toys with strings on the top. Resin, plastic, glass, whatever. When I make these animal ones, I'll use some heavier stock, just in case.


Click here to download the full size!

PB Studio - Cookie Party 2011

We had our Second Annual Cookie Party at the Paper Bicycle Studio this past Sunday and it was a sugar-coated blast. After hours of slaving over hot stoves, we all filed in and basked in the glory of hundreds of cookies. Some big, some small, some beautiful, some weird blobs. We had cookies up to our eyeballs.


For anyone that's never been to a cookie exchange, here's how it works: You bring a batch to the party, and then you get to take home a MILLION other types of cookies that everyone else has made! We all share cookies (and sometimes we share recipes, too!).

Luke and I are discussing cookie tips while the party begins!

Adam made "Holiday Balls"

Jesse was thrilled by the amount of cookies present

Chris is having a sensual moment with one of his Mexican Wedding Cookies

Bryan is actually having a good time, despite the stink-eye he is giving us

Mary and Ben won the "Most Innovative" cookie award for their Bacon-n-eggs treats! Look at how adorable they are!

Alyssa made TWO delicious types of cookies!

We still had (AND CONTINUE TO HAVE!) piles and piles of cookies left! If you're around the area in the next couple days, send me a note and you should stop over!
We'd love to share the holiday cheer! We can't eat all these ourselves!!


Thanks to everyone that made it out here!
Check out the rest of our photos from the party on Chris's Flickr Set : Here!

Monday, December 19, 2011


This snowy reindeer might look icy cold but don't worry; it's just nature's camouflage! He's actually quite comfy and warm...


Hope everyone has an rad holiday break!


Don't forget to download the high-res printable version and make your own!

Friday, December 16, 2011

PAPER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Week 4 : Forest Friend

EDIT : I realized I forgot some cut-lines on the old deer template! This one should be perfect now! Sorry guys! Here you go!

My whole Christmas tree is coated with animal ornaments. I have raccoons, cats, deer, squirrels, foxes, birds, and dogs. I even have a lion and a bear! So, naturally, I wanted to add a furry friend to the pile of paper ornaments!

This will be the final ornament before we start a new pattern project for the New Year, so go ahead! Download the heck out of it, customize it, and definitely send us a picture if you make one!

Click here to download the editable PDF!

Have you had the chance to make an ornament? Send a picture our way (or if you have designed one and want to share it, feel free to send us a high res scan and we can post it for you!) We'd love to see them!

Send your pictures to chris (at) paperbicycle (dot) com along with your name and your contact information!

We'll be choosing our favorite ornament from our submissions after Christmas and I'll send the winner one of our 2012 Calendars! You have a great chance to win! All you need to do is send us a picture! Good luck and Happy folding!


Continuing with my candy Christmas here is a gingerbread car (to park in front of your gingerbread house from my first design). As you can see by it's "soft top" this candy car is actually a convertible.

Download the printable version here! Don't forget to make your own from our template, and if you put any of our ornaments together take a picture, and let us see!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lookin' forward to the New Year

We're racing against the clock! The holidays are here and before you know it, it'll be 2012! Alyssa's been working hard on getting our first calendar together! So far, so good!

Promo calendar.

We're making great strides to get ready for a couple of trade shows in January, and hurrying to get our holiday cards out and these calendars finished! Are you in a rush to finish your last minute projects? Are you still decorating? Making plans for the break? Planning a vacation? You are? Me too. ;P

Also, in other news, I'll be teaching my last class of the Fall semester on Friday! I am so sad it's almost over! This semester went SO fast!! I'm sure I'll shed a tear or two (I'm such a softie). I've got a great surprise planned for those guys (I'll give you a hint -- I'll be surprising them with something delicious!)

Wish me luck - and good luck to you! As we are nearing the final stretch of the year, things will only get crazier!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Nothing like bringing home a mouth-watering feast to your family during the Holidays! These mice ain't messing around!


Since it's so tiny and hard to see, here's a detail! I'll make a mock-up soon!


As always, download the printable version!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PAPER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS–Paper Bicycle Paper Tree

If I had to haul home tree (by myself), it wouldn't be on the back of a car. That's what the trusty bicycle is for. It might not necessarily be safe to ride around when there's a few inches of snow, but why not strap a small Christmas tree to the back and wheel it home? Throw some lights on there while you're at it!


Downloadable, large version here!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Santa's gotta go get himself a tree, too, you know. I hear that he gets them from the pre-decorated tree farm. Somewhere in the North Pole they grow a variety of evergreen that comes with lights included! I'm sure Mrs Claus is looking forward to the tree trimming festivities!


Download a high res version here!

Friday, December 9, 2011

PAPER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Week 3 : Christmas Car Ornament

Have you ever had the pleasure of riding out with the family and choosing your own tree? Well, now you can either make new memories, or recreate a special time from the past!


Download the full version here!

Enjoy!! If you make one, send it our way! We'd love to see your Christmas car!