Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily Pattern: Needle and Thread

I don't know much about quilting but my grandma Sylvia was a championship quilter. No joke. Days visiting her were spent threading needles and cutting fabric. And playing with her tiny pincushions.


Even when I was a kid I was still over-sized and totally uncoordinated. Threading needles has always been hard which is probably why I didn't follow in her quilting footsteps.

Daily Pattern - Swatches of Color

I have a habit of collecting fabric! I have piles and piles of fabric!
I'd love to learn how to quilt! I'd love to make a crazy huge, cuddly quilt!
Someday I'll learn how to do it and I'll make my own! Until then, I'll keep collecting the pieces!


Turnip Rock Farm: Week 2

Here's our second plentiful bounty from the Turnip Rock CSA. Super fresh, super delicious (we've already polished off one carton of strawberries and a ton of peas), and the best part is I don't have to go to the dumb store! Aw yeah!


Daily Pattern: Kids hands...

Here is another late entry for Daily Pattern. This was for Band-Aid. Kind of a gross topic, but it reminded me of when my brother and I were younger we once got on this kick of seeing who could have the most band-aids on at once. The challenge was it had to be for an actual cut. So like the intelligent kid I was, I immediately ran out and started doing all kinds of dangerous things that would cut my hands up. I think I got up to 7 band-aids before my mom caught on to what we were doing and made us stop...but I won! :)
Daily Pattern_Band-Aid_sm

Daily Pattern: Tree Quilt

Minerva's tree-inspired quilt pattern is folksy and awesome!


Daily Pattern: Triangle Quilt

I was super excited to create a quilt pattern today as I've been really into quilts recently. I actually bought a quilt during my trip to Tennessee, although I'm keeping it put away until I'm in my new place - also it's Summer. Below is the design of my "dream" quilt - simple, modern, SUPER geometric, and cool colors too. Someone make this for me?

Here's a repeat view of the quilt, I want this for my bedroom!

Daily Pattern: Vân Tran's Sweet Tooth

When our friend Vân Tran heard our daily pattern topic was Minneapolis, she just had to join in with a super cute pattern dedicated to all her favorite local desserts!


Vân loves Minneapolis but will soon be moving to Copenhagen! So I guess this is her goodbye love letter to all the delicious deserts she'll be leaving behind! But I'll bet Copenhagen probably has some pretty dope desserts, as well.

Be sure to check out her adorable blog, rhymeswithfun!

Daily Pattern - Minneapolis Coffee (and Tea) Tour

When Paper Bicycle was a young thing, we would spend countless days plugging away on our laptops at many of Minneapolis's wonderful coffeeshops. I have more love than ever for my favorite hang-outs! We have some of the best places (and more than I could fit on this pattern!) I love my tea and my iced coffees! Yeah for Minneapolis! I love you so!

Bubble tea, anyone?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily Pattern: Minneapolis or Bust!

A pattern in honor of my upcoming move to Minneapolis! I figured I don't know too much about the area yet, but I'm really excited to explore the city.

Daily Pattern: Minneapolis Hardcore

Minneapolis is hot, sunny and buzzing with activity right now. That's cool. But it won't last and that's fine with me.

I personally love the eerie quiet of the streets after a blizzard.


Terrible winters and bikes, you wonder? Despite the rough winters, Minneapolis is still #1 on America's Best Bike Cities. It's hard to go anywhere and not see bikes all around you.

The street signs in this pattern are Hennepin, Lyndale, Franklin and Lake, the four streets that create the boundaries of Uptown (where our studio is located).

The final sign is for Greenway, the massive stretch of beautiful, bicycle/pedestrian-only mini-highway that runs through Minneapolis, from St Paul to the suburbs. And is conveniently located one block from our office.

For a bonus, here's the pattern during a storm.


You can also see them in more detail on flickr.

Daily Pattern: Recess girls

I was at a loss with this one for a little bit, but then finally decided to stop over thinking it and just draw some kids. Sometimes I really like making some girly girl art, so here's some incredibly pink jumpers of rope.


Call for Minneapolis Themed Patterns for Wed. June 29's Daily Pattern

Wednesday's topic is Minneapolis!

window 2
(view of Minneapolis from our window)

Do you love Minneapolis as much as we do? If so, send us your Minneapolis themed patterns today before 11:59 pm and we'll post them! This is quick-turn around call-for-art! If you can manage to whip one up, we'll be more than happy to share it with the pattern universe!

If you think you might know someone who is a Minneapolis fan, please forward our post.
Hope to see your Minneapolis pride!

Send your patterns to chris(at)paperbicycle(dot)com.
500px x 500px, RGB, Jpeg - with your name in the file name and your site/blog & we'll post your pattern with a link back to you!

Yeah Minneapolis!

Daily Pattern - Red Rubber Balls

Most of my elementary school memories of recess involve a game that incorporated red rubber balls. Every game : Dodge ball, kickball, foursquare -- all of them involved that ball! I was never very good at any of the games but I still fondly remember those fantastic 15 minute recess sessions!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Pattern: Spring Horse Race

Second pattern of the day - but this one is for today's theme "recess". I never had the luxury of a spring horse on my elementary school playground, but on trips to cooler parks riding the spring horse was my favorite activity next to maybe the tire swing. You don't see too many of these little guys around these days, perhaps they've been deemed unsafe - but they'll always hold a special place in my heart!

Daily Pattern: Corgi Pile

Okay, so this is late - but I LOVE dogs / their accessories (this pattern is more dog than accessory, my b) so I had to do this. I realize that this pattern includes no illustrations of my actual dog, who is cute and adorable, but sometimes I just want to draw corgis. I'm back from the world's longest vacation, so hopefully I can begin to keep up again with my daily patterns - I really missed working on them while I was away!

and here's the same pattern in repeat:

Daily Pattern: Recess Art

Recess! 15 minutes of freedom. Forget sports or jump rope, it's time to draw with some chalk on the blacktop!


Today's pattern is dedicated to our friends Chris and Isara, who just had their first tiny baby last night! Welcome to the world, Aggy!

Travel: Coast-to-Coast & PDX Ace Camp with Erin Loechner

Portland Skyline - PDX Ace CAMP
A Glimpse of the Portland Skyline from the Ace Hotel
Portland Skyline - PDX Ace CAMP
A Glimpse of the Portland Skyline from the Ace Hotel

In 24 hours I had flown from Minneapolis to New Jersey, back to Minneapolis, then out to Portland Oregon. I had two back to back, life-changing trips scheduled and only a little time to plan. Tuesday night was a blur - I finished teaching a digital pattern making class at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, came home, packed and then woke up at 4 to catch my early morning flight to New Jersey.

I was excited and headed to meet with a new client. New Jersey was a lot more green and lush than I expected, and though it was hot and sticky there, it was really beautiful. My meeting was a blip compared to the long flight I had been on in the morning, and it seemed that I was out of there and back on a plane to Minneapolis in no time.

The next morning I set out on my new adventure : Headed to Portland for a workshop with Erin Loechner from Excited, I landed and made my way to the Ace Hotel.

Ace Hotel - PDX Ace Camp
Entryway of Ace Hotel in Portland, Downtown - Erin Loechner & Katy Tunis chat it up

I had heard great things about these stylish hotels and was pleasantly surprised by my room (which was decked out with vintage pieces and lots of rustic / industrial flavor.

Ace Hotel - PDX Ace CAMP
My fabulous hotel room

Ace Hotel - PDX Ace CAMP

I had heard about their taste for hiring different designers to outfit the rooms and spaces and was excited to see that each detail was taken care of, from the breakfast nook, to the muraled stairway.

Breakfast Nook @ Ace Hotel PDX Ace Camp
Breakfast with Kristin in the Ace Hotel Breakfast Nook

I met my great roommates and headed to a meet and greet where I met a dozen other fantastic girls. Everyone was here to absorb Erin's wisdom, talk about giant goals and life plans, and make serious headway on both personal and business life.

PDX Ace Camp
Lunch on Day 2 with some of the girls from Camp

Everyone was such a sweetheart, full of gusto (a word I am going to adopt, thanks Ann) and ready to do big things. Our time was spent working through and discussing goals, plans, and common themes in our creative lives - as well as sitting down and getting to know each other over dinners and other fun events.

Food Carts - PDX Ace Camp
Food carts in Portland

Happy Hour at Matador with the girls

Matador - PDX Ace Camp
Looking down the table at Matador

Our last night in Portland with Tapas and good company

It was an adventure. I met some of the most wonderful people on this trip. I was a part of so many wonderful conversations, adopted so many amazing and talented new friends and found an even greater appreciation for those people that took the extra step to make their life plans grand!

Until next time!

Thanks, everyone at PDX Ace Camp! I can't wait until we meet again!

Daily Pattern : Pups n Stuff

Everyone knows I love dogs and dog-like things. Big mutts, little dogs, and even puppies that look like pigs.


So, here's to all of my dog friends! (And friends with dogs!)

Daily Pattern: Sad but true...

I'm catching up on a few patterns from last week. :)
It's been a while since I've been on a date. Here's what most of my date nights are like these days.
Daily Pattern_Date Night_sm
Time to go eat all the ice cream and watch Wedding Singer...:(

Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Pattern: Treats for dogs

My dad taught me that if you're going to be dealing with dogs, you should always carry some of these guys with you. He always had a few in his mail bag and they have been his first method of defense on the streets.


Vote for Ryan!

The FWA (Favorite Website Award) is a great place to see some of the most creative and beautiful websites in the world. If a website is nominated for an award, it's then voted on by the community.

Our best-est friend Ryan Michlitsch, who works at Resource Interactive, concepted and designed The New Albany Classic website. It's a super slick, clean and fun site that's been nominated for an FWA! So vote for it!


I know it would mean a lot for him to win, which would mean a ton to us! So do us a favor and vote for it here!. You have to register to vote, but it's a site you should probably frequent anyway!

EDIT: Also vote at the Awwwards! He's blowin' up!

Daily Pattern: Doggie Dress-Up

Who doesn't like to dress up a pug? I know I do.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daily Pattern - Can I buy you a drink?

I love being in Portland with all these creative people! Here is what I came up with after going to happy hour! Lots of colorful drinks are happening over here!
My cranberry juice looks bland compared to all these cute drinks!


Daily Pattern: Different Folks

Date night! Some people love, some people snuggle, some people dance, some people fight and some people play with cats! I know which camp I'm in! You cats are gonna get such a tickle!


Oh wait... is tonight date night? Then some people sit alone in a studio and make art about human interaction... ha ha j/k.

Here's a bigger version, since it's hard to see some of the details on the people at this size.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily Pattern: Dessert for Two

Tiny little desserts for the sweetest of couples! This pattern is also drawing inspiration from an earlier pattern.


Daily Pattern: Big Night Out

Minerva made these two lovebirds, who are out for a night on the town in style! That dude is one smooth operator!


Ten Paces and Draw: Handsome Gents!

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 11.08.07 AM

I just wanted to mention I participated in the always cool Ten Paces and Draw again this week!

The topic was Handsome Gents! Ch-ch-check it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily Pattern: Bandages

This pattern was intended to be a companion piece (or coordinating pattern, with any luck) to the bones one I made back in the day. It's not quite there, but that's all right! The best part was figuring out how to repeat these things–it was just like a puzzle.

Daily Pattern: Viva Piñatas!

Taisha Bosher is a student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and she's our current intern!

This is technically her first time participating in Daily Pattern (although she did an impromptu one on our NYC trip) and I think she knocked it out of the park with a fun and unique take on the topic!

Taisha loves sweets, tiny details and cute stuff, and her pattern does a good job combining all those into one!


Turnip Rock Farm: Week 1

We picked up our first haul from the Turnip Rock CSA. There are some fine looking vegetables, strawberries and even a potted herb plant this time. Can't wait to eat this stuff! Real vegetables FTW!

Daily Pattern: All Better

Minverva's feeling the pain with today's daily pattern. I'd love a bandage with a tiny frowny face on it!


Daily Pattern: 80's Battle Scars

As an adult, needing a bandage is a rare occasion. But as a child, life was an unending string of scrapes, cuts and gashes.

Growing up in the eighties, the best part of falling off your skateboard was choosing what neon-colored, garishly-decorated badge-of-honor to wear over your boo-boo.


Hmmm, my eyes are burning. Maybe I let the eighties fever get the best of me on this pattern...

Daily Pattern - Ouch!

I'm sitting in the Denver Airport waiting to board my plane to Portland!
This is one of the only airports I've been to that has free internet (yay!).
I feel like a dedicated pattern maker - Here's my Bandaid pattern, made entirely while in transit!



Daily Pattern: Circus Tricks

Circus is such a great topic for so many reasons. You can do crazy stuff–bears that ride on unicycles and possibly wear hats? You can also choose from some great colors. Circus colors are the best. I feel a little bad for the bears.

Daily Pattern: Circo

This time I used Illustrator, it was fun because a long time ago I hadn't use it. When I was doing this pattern I remembered all the times I went to a lot of circus with my father and sister, in spanish circus is "circo".