Thursday, March 22, 2012

Work. Back to normal.

"Work" by Lindsay Nohl - part of the People & Patterns show at Light Grey Art Lab's Grand Opening

What a sigh of relief.
Today was my first day back in the office after a couple days out in beautiful, grey, Portland. (I'll tell you ALLLLL about it tomorrow).

Man, it was a strange day. After nearly six weeks of non-stop working, we finally had a day of relaxation. Alyssa and Francesca had a moment earlier this week to soak it up, but Chris and I finally are feeling it, too. Despite having the normal Paper Bicycle things to do at the office, we're definitely feeling a lot more at ease.

Now that our sister company, Light Grey Art Lab, is up and running, we're breathing a nice sigh of relief. The studio looks awesome - the space is great, the classes are running, and we're doing it! Two businesses at once! Both in full force!

There's something to be said about working hard. I know it might seem absolutely crazy at times (for those of you guys that know us) how much we work, but wow, when you actually get down to it and work your butt off, it's a great feeling to see something happen. I live for it. I love seeing things happen - not just for myself, but for everyone else. I love it.

Keep working hard, you guys. Anyone that is out there trying to get things done, you're doing it right! It's worth it.

Now we (and by we, I mean, I) just have to learn how to take a break every now and again!

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