Monday, October 15, 2012

On a white ground


I wanted to do something a little simple this time - something with a white ground.
This time it's a mixture of flowers with a tiny bit of texture.

I was thinking about blind contour drawings tonight and how interesting things look when you allow shapes to connect. So, there you have it! These flowers look as if they were made with a piece of spaghetti -- one continuous line.

Well, besides that, I finally booked my trip to Iceland for next year. I got the cheapest tickets imaginable. I'll be counting the days down til I get to spend two weeks adventuring. I'm really excited to see some of the crazy things I have been searching for. After going there a couple years ago and loving it, I am ready to go back. It's been a fantasy of mine to go there for a month to do an artist residency, but, with everything going on, it might just stay that way : a fantasy.

If you've never looked at any photos of Iceland before, I strongly encourage you to do so. Some of the things that happen on that land are so intense and so serene at the same time. It really is a magical land.

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