Monday, December 17, 2012


Close-up of the inked detail

I have been spending quite a bit of time working in my sketchbook these days. I spent my Friday night sketching away amongst a bunch of talented people. We worked through the night on our different projects and I found myself craving a little bit of hands-on art making rather than my purely digital process.

I did a pattern the 'good ol fashioned way' this time, where I inked each layer separately, then compiled them together in the computer and colored them.

The repeat tile

I'm really enjoying letting the inky brush strokes show on these and backed by a dark background you really see it.

This pattern is inspired by the olive flower. I really like the shape of the leaves more than anything, so I did something a little viney -- reminiscent of a wall paper pattern.

And here it is repeated

School just ended this week. Another semester is over and I'm feeling a little sad from it all. It's funny -- I've felt the same way every time another semester goes by. From the time I got out of school to now, it feels the same. I miss all of those people that I got close to over the semester. I won't get to see some of them until the new year, and some of them I may never get to see again for a long while -- or ever.

Waah, maybe it's the music I have on right now, or maybe it's because it's 3am and I'm finally posting this pattern before I head to bed, but whatever the case, I was just thinking about those guys. I had an amazing last day of class with everyone. I suppose nothing can last forever. I'll just be thankful I got to share the semester with everyone. It was a blast.


  1. This pattern is absolutely lovely. It's also very wintery. Feels very much like MN right now.

    I am still trying to figure out how to marry both digital and traditional, as I feel overwhelmed when it's all trad work (funny, coming from a girl trained in fine arts), but get bored out of my mind with just a digital process. Totally understand your feelings!

    1. Hi Jay!
      Thank you so much! I totally know what you mean - the grey/purples are always on my mind, but in this season specifically!!

      I totally had to do a little hands-on stuff last night and it made me feel great. I should really do it more :)

  2. I really love this one! I know what you mean about that "end of semester feeling". I always loved being in school--all the awesome people and all the learning--so good! The end is definitely bittersweet.

    I'm curious--when you ink each layer separately, are you using different sheets of paper and a light pad? Or other means?

    1. Hi Anika! Thanks for the kind words :)
      I know- right??? I love school for so many reasons and the community aspect of creating with a bunch of people is one of the things I miss the most!
      That's why I teach, I suppose! (among other things!)

      I do us separate sheets of paper - I should scan those. Maybe for next week's I'll show you and put those in the post!
      It's a fun process and I work on marker paper for it. I forget the name of it, but when I get a chance I"ll look it up! I use a light table, too, for doing all of the layers!