Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bouquet for Megan C.


I just finished this little illustration for Megan C. -- who is a huge sweetheart and such a generous person. I have been finally getting to the end of my commissions from Oliver's fundraiser and it feels good. My goal is to send out the last ones by the end of the year and I'm almost there!

Over the past couple weeks I've been trying to plow through teaching finals at MCAD, finishing up my postcard for Light Grey Art Lab's 6 Degrees exhibition, doing all of my daily work at Paper Bicycle, and getting ready to code the dating sim for an upcoming Light Grey show. It's been incredible. There are some days I feel more productive than others, but when I actually have time to sit back and reflect on what the last year has been like -- I'm quite proud.

I guess I'm most proud of keeping up a pace that I thought wasn't possible. I'm proud to have spent all this time with ambitious, incredible people. I've been introduced to new friendships and people that really push me to work harder and look for the next challenge. It's been great and as I finish some of my 2013 things, I'm looking forward to a new list, one that makes 2014 as incredible, and exploratory, as this year.

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