Friday, February 3, 2012

Los Angeles: CHA 2012

This past weekend Lindsay, Francesca, and Alyssa made the trek to Los Angeles, CA to attend the 2012 CHA show. It was great to trade the cold, grey Minneapolis weather for sunny skies and temperatures fluttering in the high 70's for a weekend. Although we're glad to be home, after our trip we can definitely understand why people brave the earthquakes, mudslides, and crazy natural disasters to live on the golden coast. Here are a few snapshots from our fantastic weekend:

We don't have any pictures from our first day in Cali, but we spent Friday eating delicious New Orleans fare at The Grove Farmer's Market, cruising up and down Melrose, and snatching up all the awesome treasures downtown in Little Toyko. It was a long, but awesome day that got us geared up for the rest of the weekend.

One of the main goals of the trip was to eat as much delicious, fresh Cali food as possible. Originally we had planned to break down the three main meals into a bunch of smaller meals throughout the day to maximize our eating potential. This task proved to be harder than expected. As witnessed by those MASSIVE salads above - some meals were hard to resist. Our lunch from Monster Salad was super delicious (and healthy) paired with kale lemonade, and cucumber mint lemonade.

After lunch (and second lunch) we made our way to Santa Monica beach. The views of the pier from the beach were breathtaking, and because it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon the entire neighborhood was buzzing with people.

We had fun exploring the beach, playing on the beach, and dipping our toes into the surf. We also had the chance to explore underneath the pier which was amazing. It was really fascinating to see all the barnacles growing up the side of the pillars, and the light was so beautiful it made it feel as if we were walking within a painting.

We closed the day out riding the ferris wheel in Pacific Park. We timed our ride perfectly with the sunset, and the lighting up of all the rides on the pier.

Overall it was an awesome trip, and addition to our time spent wandering the streets of LA we had a great time at the CHA show talking to a bunch of great companies. Everyone is glad to be back in Minneapolis, but now we're super fueled up for our trip to NYC in May!

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