Friday, May 25, 2012

Wow, it's been insane over here!

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 1.58.11 AM progress on a pattern I'm making tonight

Here's an update for everyone out there! It's been a long time coming -- what's it been, too long? Definitely.

We have had just about one million things going on these last couple months with the launch of Light Grey Art Lab, some major shows, some giant projects at work, teaching, and traveling. Finally, it seems there is a break in the action!

Chris, Alyssa, Francesca and I just got back from teaching a weekend workshop in NYC with a wonderful group of 12 aspiring surface designers. We traveled to Surtex/Stationery Show (which I'll have to tell you all about as soon as Chris uploads all the pictures!) and spent a couple days running around New York like a bunch of giddy crazies. The energy on the trip was infectious and going to the show was just what I needed to get re energized to prioritize all of my projects and get back into some things I have been waiting a long time for! I know I'm not the only one that came away from that trip inspired and ready to work!

I am working on starting a new pattern project soon (which I'll be cross posting here for you guys!) with a good friend (More to come on that as well!) and I'm also getting ready for Meg Hunt's awesome Illustration Bootcamp workshop in a couple weeks! (Can't wait!).

Though things at Paper Bicycle have been crazy, it's been good. When I actually get a free moment to think about everything that we've accomplished in the last couple months, it seems insane, but as my dad always says "You get more done when you're busy." He's a smart guy.

So, as the summer season approaches, all of the crazy project ideas start brewing. Anyone else out there have some summer projects going on? Let's be accountability partners and get some new things started (and finished!) Here's to productivity! Let's do this!

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