Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Succulent Terrariums Desktop Background!


Well, I did some quick Photoshop sketching tonight and came up with this little guy after being inspired by my activities earlier tonight. I looked at it a couple times before deciding it'd make a cute desktop background and decided I'd put it up here for you guys! So! From me to you! Here you go!

Download a 1600 x 1200 desktop background here!

I'm recovering from a cold that hit me a couple days ago. It's not fun being sick, but at least you have an excuse to lie about and be unproductive. I had an extremely unproductive second half of Sunday, but in the beginning of the day I taught a Succulent Terrariums class at Light Grey Art Lab to a handful of green-thumbs. It was a lot of fun (though I was trying to pretend I wasn't woozy from this cold!).

I had a lot of left-overs from the class - which is always a perk! And tonight I finally sat down and made up for slacking the night before. I made a handful of terrariums while sitting out on my porch tonight. Here are a couple of them!

Succulent terrariums. This is my evening cool down project for the night!

Though things have been busy all over the board, I was very happy to sit down and make these little guys. I think I may just have to give away some of them as gifts!