Thursday, August 8, 2013

Postcrossing and - Mail Time!

Postcards of the day.

I got a bunch of cute postcards in the mail today!
Wow, does it feel great to get something other than bills! I am a member of and love sending packages, postcards and things to people any chance I get! Just recently a friend from Light Grey Art Lab introduced me to Postcrossing as well and I've been in love!

Thank you to J.Tills, Jacqueline, and the mysterious sender from Singapore! You guys made my day!

There's something so awesome about learning little bits about other people, cultures and languages. I love seeing the postcards that people pick out for me, and I adore seeing their handwriting! I know I have particularly cryptic looking handwriting, with it's weird twists and turns.... More scribbles than letterforms...
It's just so interesting!


  1. I don't know if my other comment went through, but I'll try to replicate it:

    I've been on Postcrossing for a few years now, and recently Jtills messaged me for a Direct Swap and oddly enough we're both from Wisconsin. He sent me a postcard describing a plight we're both very aware of, the invasive Buckthorn. He included several stamps with odd denominations like 3.2, 6.7, 12.1 adding up to a postcard stamp.

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