Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piece of Me Piece of You

Boo! I did I scare you? It's Halloween so I thought I'd try to make you poop your pants in fear!

This video is a few years old by now, but it's so cool that I go back and watch it every few months and I think today it's extra relevant.

Three Legged Legs have an awesome name and make awesome videos, animations and everything else, basically.

This was an ad for Microsoft's Zune. It might not be immediately obvious if you don't know anything about Zune, but the concept is to highlight Zune's ability to 'squirt' music to a friend's Zune, thereby spreading word of good music like a zombie plague.

But it doesn't matter what it's for because it's an awesome combination of sweet puppets, creepy atmosphere and music by the always-amazing Chromeo. It's so awesome it makes me want to cry, dance and sing at the same time.

For an added (trick or) treat, check out the 'making of' on their site! Amazing!

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