Thursday, October 14, 2010

Younger than Springtime- That's you.

I went on a vintage greeting card buying spree again (this is the second one this year) where I bought quite a few fun old greeting cards.


These are fantastic bright pieces from "A Sunshine Card" - where there is no limit to the retina burning neon awesomeness. Sometimes I wonder why design culture doesn't revisit some of this amazing stuff more often. - like - revive this sweet, sweet party-time amazingness, PLEASE!

I'm incredibly inspired by 50s - 70s illustration, particularly on wrapping paper and greeting cards. The only thing better than this is what they say inside.

"Younger than springtime - that's you. Happy Birthday"

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  1. Did you see that Walgreens has a vintage reissue section in its greeting cards department? I almost bought them all just for their glittery, swirling flourishes and embellished script!