Saturday, June 23, 2012

GirlCrush Minneapolis with Jennifer Davis & the Jealous Curator


Today I woke up and headed over to the SooVac Gallery in Minneapolis to attend GirlCrush Minneapolis : a workshop by the Jealous Curator featuring my very favorite artist, Jennifer Davis.


I was really excited because there were to be 14 ladies there, all creative people - ready to chat about art and the creative life (all of my favorite topics!) Plus, I was super excited to hear what Jennifer had to say about her own practice.


We had some great talks revolving around being creative and everyone was eager to jump in and chat at length about their own practice and their own struggles as a creative person. It was enlightening and fascinating to see how many different types of artists were there from Minneapolis.


We had a morning filled with great discussion and then an afternoon packed with creating. Each one of us was given a Plywerk panel to create on and Jennifer donated supplies and tears from magazines she had collected over the years.


I must have gotten so deep into my drawing that I missed the "collage" part of the project. Whoops. I don't suppose that's really that big of a surprise, but I ended up "finishing" a piece anyway with ink and acrylic.


After helping run a workshop last weekend (more to come on this soon!), this was a welcome break from the craziness that we've been working through. It was a great opportunity to take a day for myself and really enjoy separating myself from the work for a second, to do something for myself.


Besides treating myself to some "me" time -- I was treated to a really cute array of sweets and even more amazing gifts from Jennifer and the Jealous Curator! I just wanted to say thanks to those guys for the wonderful day! I'm looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing what everyone makes of the days to come!



  1. This looks like an awesome workshop!! I'm glad you had a chance to do something enjoyable for yourself after working so hard to make the Illustration Bootcamp such a success. Your painting turned out great, even without collage! ;)

  2. Thanks Anika!!
    I loved bootcamp and I love workshops. This was a great way to follow it up, for sure!!
    Plus, Jennifer is my FAVORITE!!! it was great!

  3. Ooh, hanging out with Jennifer would be SOOO inspiring! Kudos for taking some time out of your oh-so-busy schedule for YOU! It's so hard to do, but it looks like it was worthwhile!