Monday, July 2, 2012

101 florals : Clematis, forever zen


So, yes, I took a couple liberties on color here with this Clematis, but I think this pattern is better for it.

The whole time I was making this pattern I was practically in a trance- fueled by streaming meditation music from one of my new favorite channels on the radio. I walked around Uptown with my good friend, Francesca, doing the coffee-shop tour of Minneapolis as she snapped pictures of colorful fixies.

We crawled around Uptown, Minneapolis, handing out flier after flier for an upcoming show at our gallery, when we finally stopped into a store I had been wanting to visit for nearly a year.

Detail shot of the color-against-color work

My sister laughed at me later when I told her that I stopped in to Eye of Horus, a local shop for people interested in the occult, tarot, and things of the like. Though I got a chuckle or two from her, I was super excited that I had finally gotten the chance to go in. The place was filled with crystals, tons of books on all of the subjects I'm interested in right now, and all sorts of neat things. The women that ran the store were awesome, and calming.
Francesca told me afterward that one of the women had "one of those voices" - where you just want them to talk at you for days.

I had a 10 minute Reiki session with one of the ladies at the shop, and went on my merry way with a new deck of Tarot Cards and a book about Witches in 1800s Europe.

The sketch that started it all

I guess the point of me telling this story is to explain the feeling I got while making this piece. It was meditative, to say the least. I'm sure after a day of being in zen mode, I was ready to make some art that reflected my thoughts. And here it is!

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