Monday, July 30, 2012

101 Florals : We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher.

You asked for it! (Well, not you, but, you know... the song... nevermind).


I spent about two last night coloring, drawing, working and swearing over this one -- then I scrapped it. Pitcher plants are weird. They kind of look like snakes, a little bit like those tooting pipes (anyone know what I'm talking about?) in old Mickey Mouse Cartoons, and sort of creepy.

Here she is in her full glory!

My second attempt at this pattern went a lot better and I tried a technique I haven't used in patterns for a while. I have this really nice brush pen that I used on a rather bumpy piece of drawing paper. The effect was a little dry-brushy and looked a lot more rough than I usually draw. I like it.

AAAAnd a closeup!

I'm getting ready to head somewhere tropical next week -- St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands! It's been non stop craziness between the work we've been doing, teaching and the couple of shows that we're getting together for Light Grey Art Lab. (Which I am ultra excited about!)

I know there is never a good time to take a vacation, but you've gotta get one in where you can fit it in. Just book one and go. I know that as fall gets closer things will just get crazier. So, while I made this one from a fairly tropical plant, I'll hopefully have loads of new inspiration for my florals when I return from paradise!

The Scan of my ink drawing! Unedited!

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