Monday, July 16, 2012

101florals : Chrysanthemum Wallpaper


Good morning, internet!

As I write this, I'm groggy and still trying to make sense of how early it is for me to be at work. If you're looking at the time stamp, you must be thinking: "Yeahhhh...... right..." -- but, seriously, waking up is hard to do. (especially when you're a night owl)

I waited til the last minute to make this one, but went the extra mile to make it into something I loved. I spent my day yesterday waking up late, running over to St Paul and going to meetings -- then getting a moment of solace at a coffee shop with good friends.

So, as I stared this pattern around 10pm last night I cursed myself for procrastinating. Mondays are tough and today is no exception. I've finally transitioned to listening to the 50's station on pandora, which made working late so much easier. I spent a good 5 hours or so drawing, re-drawing, and singing at the top of my lungs into the wee hours of the morning while I finished this guy.


Chrysanthemums are fun to draw. They're weird and curly and yellow (one of my favorite colors). They remind me of outdoor, spring weddings and of vintage wallpaper.

My plan, today, is to walk over to the coffee shop next door and buy myself a giant latte in celebration of late nights, getting things done and waking up early the next day!

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  1. I dont normally comment on blogs, but i absolutely love this one. It just sparkles.

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