Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2! Day 2. Sketching and updating the blog!


Well, here's something that I made in painter. It's definitely different than anything that I've shown on this blog before, but hey. I'm welcoming some new process and some experimentation! I was telling Francesca this morning that it was awfully hard for me to get used to this painting, not because I think it's bad or anything, just that it's been a while since I posted something figural! As I was painting this one I was thinking to myself: "I better not draw a face from the front like I always do, so why don't I do something weird and different, like draw children! And draw them from the back! Yeah! What a good idea".... Hmmm. I guess that's what I did.
Who knows what I was thinking. It's a lot of pressure just making things and realizing that I can't hide them in my sketchbook this month!

I was thinking about all of these interesting things that I've got planned for April -- from field trips like the one that I'm going to on Thursday to the Bell Museum, to the Lock-in on Friday at Light Grey Art Lab -- and I'm actually looking forward to this challenge. I'm hoping to mix a couple patterns in here, some paintings, some drawings and who knows what else!


So what do you think of the new layout? I've got a couple personal projects that I was thinking it was time for a little spring cleaning! I added a new background, a new header, and re-arranged a little bit. I'm pretty happy with the re-vamp! Well, one more thing down! Tomorrow I'm headed to help Chris record a podcast at Mary Jo Hoffman's house! I'm excited to say hello to her and help pick out some of the specimens that she'll be lending us for the Macro & Micro show at Light Grey Art Lab. She's going to be our featured guest! Have you seen her blog? It's fantastic. Here's a link to stillblog.net! You'll see why I'm absolutely enchanted with it!

Wish us luck! I'll be posting an update with photos tomorrow! It should be a great time! Until then, I'm off to do some late-night drawings!

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