Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Hate Machine


Pretty Hate Machine, by Nine Inch Nails, was the first Compact Disc I ever bought. I was pretty darn young and it shaped what I listened to for a lot of my formative years. For better or worse.

When I saw there was a newly released 2010 Remastered Edition of Pretty Hate Machine, I knew I couldn't resist. If you're anything like me, listening to Head Like a Hole brings your childhood flooding back in a rush of nostalgia. And it's definitely worth a listen. Compared to the new version, the original sounds like a tinny AM radio.

Pretty Hate Machine is a product of it's time, for sure, and probably doesn't hold up as well as Nine Inch Nails' later works... but man, oh man, does it take me back.


  1. I wasn't old enough to have experienced their music just as it came out, I just got into them about 4-5 years ago.. but this is still pretty cool obviously.

    I wish I could've made it to more than one NIN concert in my lifetime (the 2008 one in Minneapolis), and before they ended... but I guess I'm lucky to have been to one at all. :P have you been to any of their shows?

  2. I like your analogy about the old one being played out of a car a block away as opposed to the new one being played inside your ear holes.

  3. Hey Dylan, I saw them once in the 90's. It was pretty dope. I'm glad you got to see them before they quit touring, they put on an intense show.