Thursday, January 27, 2011

BullfinchBarbury Amazing Enameled Bracelets


Last night I spent a half hour perusing Etsy for some feel-good presents for myself. I've been working hard at the studio with the PB team for the last couple weeks (Crazy amounts of projects have been rolling in!) and was looking for a little qualit-time with the credit card.

I stumbled across these amazing enameled bangles from BullfinchBarbury on Etsy a couple months ago and have had them on my favorites list for forever. I thought I'd share these beauties with you.

Each group is super unique and has a huge range of textures and colors. I love the grey set, it looks to be the perfect amount of distressed and natural, with that amazing enamel sheen.

Each set runs between $45 - $100+, and is well worth the amazing craftsmanship! I am waiting for pay-day so I can pick up some of these!! Love them!

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