Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cute Bikes = all the rage @ Paper Source


I went to Paper Source on Saturday after picking up Chris's new and improved* Macbook Pro from the Apple Store in Uptown. It's funny that right now, we seem to be swept up in the bicycle-themed trend of the moment!
Paper Source is stacked to the brim with bicycle themed EVERYTHING including some really adorable calendars, some great stationery, rubber stamps and even scrapbooking paper. I wonder if our sweet sweet love of bikes has finally caught on?

I ended up picking up a few things while I was there including some amazing recycled leather calendars (one for creative things, and another for work things) that are also in the cutest of the Paper Source colors.

It was awesome - while we were there I ran into a past student of mine and had a great chat! Small Small world!
I'll have to refrain from getting bicycle themed everything - unless I want to look like a nut!

*One of our cats tap-danced all over Chris's laptop and did a flying kick that slid it right off the kitchen counter! Some curses and tears later, Chris finally brought it in to be fixed; it's been a painful week for him without his computer.

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