Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photoshop Rap : This is how it's done.

Of course I remember the good-old days. . . back when I was oblivious to all of the Adobe programs, and back when my arms didn't hurt up to the shoulder from working on the computer all day.

Thanks, Francesca, for sending me a link to this.

CVA and MCAD started up two weeks ago and Francesca and I were planning our respective concept art and digital illustration classes. Of course, with any new class, there was a fair share of freaking-out-ing, and some late nights planning course materials.

Thanks to this wonderful tutorial video, our classes were saved, and we found all sorts of useful information for how to teach our digital classes! WOO WOO!

I thought this definitely deserved a good mention - (Chris, you LOVE layer masks!).

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