Saturday, February 5, 2011

Late Night Working & Goodbye Wacom Pen, We'll miss you.


And so we say goodbye to a dear friend. Goodbye Francesca's Wacom Pen, We will miss you dearly.

We've all been working really hard on drawing, editing and getting files ready for production on over 120 Christmas Cards over the last month or so for a one of our newest clients. It's been a whirlwind of creating over here - and as we all know, too much of a good thing sometimes creates a little craziness.

Francesca's Wacom pen was a casualty last night. We're all still in mourning as we consider that it had only just begun it's young life. It hit Francesca the hardest - losing her pen must be like losing her hand. Still, all things must pass. And so, we honor all of it's good service over the last year and a half... le sigh.


Adam came over last night to keep us company and give us a little coloring support. (What a nice guy). We've got some great pictures of Twink and Adam trying to console Francesca over the loss of her Wacom pen.



As you can see, Twink's efforts are helping!

All that cheer-uppering effort wore him out.

At the end of the night on a Friday we were listening to all of the Drunk people spill out of the bars here on Lake & Lyndale around 2am. I remember thinking to myself that once I graduated from MCAD that I'd be going to bed around 10 and getting up at 7am every morning like the rest of the world - and that my projects would be short and sweet so I wouldn't pull late nights as often.

I've come to realize it's part of the creative lifestyle. I'd probably be working on my own art til 2 anyway!


Here's Chris at the final stretch of the night! Surprise, Chris!

In reality, we were all in pretty awesome spirits last night! Francesca has been drawing her heart out on these Christmas cards, most of which feature Santa with some type of clipboard and a jumpsuit. We're on the final stretch!
Wish us luck as we finish up this huge project!!


  1. That's awesome! Too bad about that pen...

  2. How did it break?! That's what we all want to know.

    I had a wacom pen get eaten by the family dog when I was in highschool. Tragic.

  3. Francesca pulled it apart with all her vigor!
    Then put it back together, and then pulled it apart again and THEN it didn't work anymore.