Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MBMBAM - Peepum's Nastí-gum

Today was an insane day full of ups and downs - and most of the ups were a direct reaction to this clip from a My Brother, My Brother and Me's Episode.
Peepum's Nastí-gum became my rock as I battled a ruthless case of food poisoning from about 1pm - 3:30pm.

All I could do to stay coherent was to replay this Peepum's clip over and over and hope not to pass out or throw up (from the food poisoning, not the podcast).

We've been listening to MBMBAM in the office for months now, and each one gets better and better. It seems that their back and forth bantering and made-up-scenarios match our kind of humor. (None of it makes sense and most of it makes you want to cry with laughter.) I was cry-laughing for various reasons today. Most of it was from MBMBAM.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to them until now, you can get their shows for free on, along with a bunch of other free, hilarious podcasts.

For now, I am healed from my horrible Caesar's salad situation - mostly from the ray of hilarious-light that is MBMBAM.

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