Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Walk for Animals

walk for animals 02

The Animal Humane Society is probably the best place in the whole wide world. They provide loving care for all types of animals in need of good homes. And they do it all with the most gentle, caring and humane methods around.

The Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals is coming up on April 30th, and, like always, Paper Bicycle will be there in full force!

Why not help our your fellow animal and make a donation to the event?

Just head over to our donation page and give whatever you can. Even just five dollars is a great help! Team Paper Bicycle wants to get as many donations as we can!

Bonus! ANY donation of only fifteen (15) dollars or more will get their choice of an 8"x10" digital print by Lindsay! Choose between dog or cat*! Classic!


Double bonus! The first twenty five people who donate thirty five (35) dollars or more will get a limited edition, 18"x22" screenprint* (as seen here)! Wow!


Free art and getting to help animals? What could be better?!

Thanks for helping us raise money for an awesome organization! Please donate and spread the word via twitter, facebook, email or good-old-fashioned word of mouth!

*Once you make your donation, send me an email at chris[at]paperbicycle[dot]com with your choice of cat or dog, your address and what name you donated under!

[pic at top of post: our good friend Adam with Paper Bicycle studio-dog Twinkle, at the 2010 years Walk for Animal. See more pics here!]