Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quentin vs Coen

Hello there, this is what would be called a 'Guest Post'!

I'm Jesse, a friend of Paper Bicycle and I recently had a few paintings in an art show themed on Coen Brother and Tarantino movies. The show was a joyus occasion and I thought I'd share. So, lets get to the good stuff (pictures), shall we.

The show:

Something around 100 artist participated in this show. All inspired by the delightful movies of Joel and Ethan Coen and Quentin Tarantino. The show itself was put on by the fine folks at SpokeArt and held at the lovely Bold Hype Gallery in the always busy New York City.

The opening:
It was kind of nuts, and by kind of I mean sort of completely. Something in the neighborhood of 800+ people showed up.  It was part of the usual Thursday night openings in Chelsea in NYC, but this one definitely had the best line.  And they were serving white Russians instead of the normal boring wine.

That line stretched around the corner down another hallway and down two more flights of stairs.  Wild!

More photos of the craziness here: opening from Spoke Art

The Work:
I stopped by a couple days later so I could see the work instead of the backs of peoples head and to get some shots of the show. Let's look at some of those photos now:

Look at all those paintings!

This wall was pretty much all Kill Bill related.  Lots of red.


And some of my favorite pieces.

Roland Tamayo, "inevitable"

David K. Rose , "I'm a Dapper Dan Man"

Scott Scheidly, "nein, nein, nein"
(I want to know where people find frames like that, I want some)

And what I assume would be Chris' favorite:

Sam Wolf Connelly, "Pine Box"

And finally, in closing a shameless plug:
If you want to see me, or my pieces, they are on my project blog. Click away here and here.

Your Friend,
Jesse Riggle.


  1. Nice! Way to go, superstar! I do like 'Pine Box', but my favorite pieces were by the always hair-tastic Jesse Riggle!

  2. Jesse Riggle! Superstar!

    This show looks incredible! Such a cool post; it's the next best thing to actually being there. More!