Tuesday, April 5, 2011

L.A. : Day 1, Half a day of L.A

Airport food: That is one BigAZ Chicken Sandwich

My great friend, Adam, and I signed up for a spur of the moment weekend of relaxation, eating and great weather. We were headed out on a cheap, Sun Country, evening flight to L.A with little-to-no agenda besides getting away. I was interested in doing a little trend shopping and some documenting for the blog.

Adam and Lindsay

Francesca and I had been there last year around January and we had the time of our lives. I was really looking forward to the couple days that Adam and I had. This was Adam's first trip and he was stoked to take a couple days off as well.

5 bucks for a 6 inch "PIZZA"

Our flight was no big deal, normal besides some nasty plane food (cheese pizza that was like a huge cheese cracker) and we touched down as it was getting dark.

View of the Rocky Mountains

Our classy hotel

We picked up our rental car and headed to West Hollywood and to The Grafton on Sunset, a hotel on Sunset Boulevard and La Cienega.


Adam was impressed as stepped into the main lobby. There was a risqué cropped photo of some scandalous activities hanging on a huge wall and the place was spotless.

Huge photos hung above our sleazy (but awesome) beds covered in zebra print

Our room was fantastic. Hanging behind both of our beds were some larger than life photos and zebra-pattern bedding. Living in style!

Adam got the upper half

As you can see we had a great time taking photos of what was to be our space for the next couple days and freshened up for a second before going out.

I got the lower half

We grabbed the car from the valet and went out to joyride and look for a place to eat.


We were really close to some great shops and restaurants. Including this great Argentinian place. My friend Ryan later told me that L.A. has a great rating system where great restaurants are graded by the health inspectors.

Quiet Monday night in L.A

I wish I would have known that the whole way though - but it was a great place and now that I look back on the photos, I see that this place was an "A"!

Shrimp and Endives

I had some kind of Endive Shrimp thing, and Adam had some vegetables and meat thing (great descriptions, I know). Still, we were happy, full and sleepy.
We headed back to the hotel where we crashed to some Cooking Network shows.

Makeshift Toothbrush courtesy of the hotel - the 4 bristle special.

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