Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gary Baseman at MCAD!

MCAD was super lucky to have Gary Baseman come to Minneapolis to give a lecture on Friday. After months of anticipation, MCAD gathered in the large auditorium (all seats filled, the floor and standing room were packed) and overflowed into the small auditorium. He gave an inspiring, witty talk about life, art and inspiration to several hundred of us and flipped through some of his most recent works.


I had the pleasure of meeting him Thursday night with a couple of other professors from MCAD. I have only great things to say! Gary Baseman is an articulate, down to earth guy. One of the biggest things I got from our conversation on Thursday - AND - the lecture on Friday is that he cares a lot about making a personal connection with his work. A lot of his themes hold bits and pieces of his past and many of the stories and the way he presents his themes are fun, a little edgy, but still super relate-able.

It's always nice to hear about someone's process as well as their inspirations!
The work he showed was really fun and inspiring to all of us.

Here is a 6 minute snippit of his hour and a half talk at MCAD. You'll have to pardon my sideways camera holding for a moment. It straightens out in a couple seconds.
All in all - all three of us were very impressed and quite entertained!

I taught class after the lecture and all of my students were raving about the talk. It seems he's made quite the mark on the MCAD community.
Good show!

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