Thursday, January 12, 2012



It's been a long time coming! I wanted to make an official announcement here on the Paper Bicycle Blog! We have been preoccupied for the last 6 months or so while we planned, schemed, organized, and prepared for this!

It's official! We're opening our sister studio : Light Grey Art Lab

The short explanation is : it's a community center for art & design! We'll be holding a variety of workshops, gallery openings, events and travel workshops for the creative community! Have you ever wanted to share your skills? Have a show? Collaborate with other creative types? Well, come on over.

Paper Bicycle and Light Grey Art Lab will share our new space at 118 E 26th Street #101 in Minneapolis! We'll be posting all of our progress on the Light Grey Art Lab blog.
Over the next couple months we'll be organizing a series of shows and looking for new instructors for the Summer months! Hit us up!

Well, that's about it! We'll keep you posted! Thanks for being there for us!!
We are SO excited!


  1. YAYAYAY Congrats super exciting!!! I can't wait to visit once we come home! :)

  2. Thanks Van!!! Yay! I can't wait to see you!

  3. How awesome! Hopefully I'll get a chance to stop by next time I'm in the area... :-)