Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Paper Bicycle Guild

Foe's beware! For an awesome Christmas present, Francesca painted a fantasy Role Playing Game version of everyone at Paper Bicycle! We're a pretty nerdy bunch and picking which fantasy combat class best suits our personality has always been a fun topic of conversation.

Francesca finally took it a step further and created the official Paper Bicycle Guild portrait!


Here's a breakdown of everyone's class.

Lindsay the noble Paladin; a mighty leader who is fierce in combat with her sword and shield but also able to support her compatriots with heals and buffs when needed.

Chris the shadowy Rogue; always lingering in the background waiting to strike with cold, calculated efficiency, Chris' twin blades should always be feared.

Francesca the quiet Hunter; keeping her distance and trained with a quick and accurate bow, her arrows always find their mark. Francesca is also one with nature and friend to her animal brethren.

Alyssa the cunning Mage; conjuring with the power of words and spirit, Alyssa makes up for what she lacks in brawn with charm and magic.

Also present: Noble Peeps the jolly Bard (he's on Lindsay's shoulder), Sir Twinkus the fearsome Orc, Lord Atari the Noble Duke, and Spry Sully the tiny Spite.

Thanks for the awesome present, Francesca! We couldn't have asked for a cooler gift!