Friday, January 20, 2012

IlloMN Gallery Show, Painting a little & an Update!

Wow, it's been a crazy week here at PB. I can't even describe to you the horrors, and the craziness, the laughter and the tears.

A Painting for Llew Mejia by Lindsay Nohl "A night out" -- Acrylic on Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Well --- I GUESS I can... Pretty much we've been scrambling trying to work hard getting ready for a slew of things. We got slammed this week by a ton of awesome new projects at work. Some Print & Pattern, some packaging, some product development, 2 books, and some greeting card revisions, some sketches for toddler clothing... the list goes on and on. Besides that, Francesca and I have been gearing up for a show we're in called IlloMinn 3.

There are a ton of super talented people that are going to be in it, including one of my favorite MN artists, our good friend Andres Guzman.

Today was the drop off date for work, so the last couple of nights have been spent finishing paintings, drawing on Moleskines that are going to be auctioned off, and basically just tying up loose ends with Light Grey Art Lab (our new project).

A detail of his sinister face!

And to top it off, I decided to undertake one MORE project, finishing up a painting I started for my awesome friend Llew. I told him a while back that all I used to paint while I was in college were raccoons eating garbage. So here's an homage to the days of olde. Super excited to get that up there! So, no, it's not a pattern, but you can see a little pattern influence in it for sure!

Whew! What a week!

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