Friday, January 27, 2012

Awesome Entries & Winner of the JANUARY PATTERN CONTEST!

It's that time again! Time to showcase the entries, and lucky winner, for the first Pattern Contest of the new year! Special thanks to everyone who participated for taking the time to make these excellent patterns! It's always hard to choose a winner and this month was no different!

This month's topic was Food, and it's pretty obvious the majority of people are split into two camps; sweets and veggies! That's cool, I'll take 'em both!

Without further ado, let's announce the winner!

Congratulations to Rebecca Greenwood for making these three awesome patterns! They're all super cute and deserving of praise, but my personal favorite is the orange themed one! So let's call that the winner! See more of Rebecca's excellent work on her site and give her a big round of virtual applause!

But of course it was a hard decision because we had a lot of great patterns submitted this month! So let's check them out!

Heather Tubwon knows the secret to our hearts at Paper Bicycle; Cupcakes! Looks tasty, although I wonder what some of those cupcake flavors are! See more of Heather's work at her site!

cupcake on dots
Cupcakes were a popular food in this contesnt, and Anne M Bray bring makes an excellent contibution with this super cute pink number! See more wonderful work at her blog!

Previously featured Anna Rodighiero has a very sweet tooth, because pure marshmallow in fluff-form is about as sweet at it gets! The color on this one is just icing on the cake! You can find out more on Anna's website and blog!

Previous Featured Guest Emily Muschinske sent in not one but two super cute, fruit themed-patterns! You can see her work at her website and follow her on twitter @emilymuschinske. Also (and this is super exciting) she's now offering art courses!

Abbey Freundschuh brings more of the cupcake love with this dessert-inspired pattern, but she doesn't discriminate! All desserts are welcome! Check out tons of great work on Abbey's website!

Alexander Bielovich titled his pattern "Mystery Ingredients" so I'm not so sure I'd want to eat whatever it is. But I sure like it anyway! Super colors! Check out Alexander's portfolio!

Good to see some people are thinking healthy! Emily Harris represents the power of the veggie with her gardentime pattern! See more on her site and get inspired on her blog!

ContestJan2012_ TammieBennett
Whoa! It's a childhood dream in this this bright, super-fun, sugary-rush of a pattern by Tammie Bennett! See a lot more work on her site and follow her on twitter @tammiebennett!

Melanie Schultz sent two awesome patterns this month and proves a person can appreciate all types of food. From light, fresh and delicious sushi to comforting, greasy fries. Be sure to check out Melanie's site and her ambitious blog!

Thanks again to everyone that entered! We're proud to show off your work! And be on the lookout for the announcement of our next contest shortly!


  1. Oh my days! Only just stopped by to check the contest results and I was the winner?! I am super flattered, the orange colour is my favourite too! I had designed these a while back and they just happened to be perfect for your comp, didn't think they would win with all the other amazing talent out there!
    Thanks everyone! Rebecca x
    Ps -I love Melanies Sushi print!

  2. Congrats! These are super cute! We'll be in contact to get your address/ etc! Hooray! Everyone did such an awesome job, as always, it's a tough pick! :)

  3. Oh these are wonderful! love patterns. I have to be in the next pattern contest! if there's gonna be more of them? :)

  4. Malin, there will be more! We're moving and opening up Light Grey Art Lab at the moment, but soon things will resume as normal!

    Hope you participate in the next contest!