Sunday, July 25, 2010

Luke Jerram and his rings.

I love non-traditional wedding/engagement rings. Maybe it's a dude thing, but a diamond rings are boooo-ring.

But Luke Jerram knows how it's done. To celebrate his marriage, he custom made this Portrait Projecting Ring (with help from Tamrakar, his local jeweler). The ring contains a series of portraits that are projected through a lens when illuminated with a small light in a dark room.

Luke Jerram - Projector Ring

You can read more about it on his his site, even the sad tale of how it was recently stolen... Bummer.

Perhaps less flashy, but no less cool, is the Talking Ring he created with the help of vinyl record manufacturer Dubstudios. The ring, when inserted into it's own tiny record player, plays back his 20 second wedding proposal.

Luke Jerram - Talking Ring

Check out the video of the ring in action.

Oh yeah, and he doesn't take commissions.

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