Saturday, July 3, 2010

We've Switched Over!

After hours of planning and even more hours of fixing, we've finally created the skeleton of our new Blog! Here we're going to be sharing our work, freebies, favorite artists work, books, resources, and special finds.

It's been a long time coming - Thanks to Chris for helping me pour over the code, features and graphics! Hooray for New Projects!


Here is Chris, snacking on his fingernails, working very, very hard to get this up and running! You can see a little bit of our office here (mostly the mess I keep on my desk.)
It was pretty much a quiet frenzy last night getting everything together: between revising graphics, to uploading (and re-uploading), to scrambling to eek in and get a table at Fuji-ya before they closed last night.

We finally celebrated around 2am last night when it went up!

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