Monday, July 5, 2010

OFFICE : Moving In - the Before Shots

Lets take a mini-tour! Here's the entrance, right off Lake Street

Moving our things in - surprisingly even the couch fit in this elevator

Our bright (green) and shiny new office space!

window 2
Looking out our 6th Story Window towards Downtown Minneapolis

window 1
Now, lets look toward Midtown. You can see St Paul all the way off in the distance

Here are a couple shots of our move into the new space in the Calhoun Building. Right now the space is a drab dirty light green on one side and olive on the other. It's on the 6th Floor of the building, a couple steps off the elevator. When we moved in we took a quick look around the floor to see who our neighbors might be. It turns out we have some wedding planners, a personal trainer, some programmers, an architect, and a hip-hop dance studio to share the floor with.

When we moved in, Melissa, the Land-lady, told us that the Hip-Hop Studio (essense of prodigy) was going to be loud.
Chris and I were a little worried about what that might mean. We were there late one night moving some more stuff in when we heard them start up the jams. They have great taste in music!

It's been about a month since we brought everything in and we're getting antsy to redecorate. I figure it'll be fantastic taking one of these weekends just to redo everything we can. Hopefully after the re-do, we'll post some pictures and throw a big opening party!

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