Friday, July 16, 2010

Old and Rare

Francesca and I spent an hour or so looking at all sorts of design books at Barnes & Noble a day or so ago. Of all the books one caught my eye. I held it in my hand for about 20 minutes as I looked through some other decorating books, crafty books and all sorts of other things. I know it's bad, but I often try and see if Amazon can beat the price of Barnes & Noble (They usually can...) and if so, I'll get it there.

After some frantic and difficult searches I found this blog:
that lead to the book I had been looking for:
BibliOdyssey: Amazing Archival Images from the Internet
It is a compilation of a million different (and weird) images from old litho plates. Some medical, some just funny...

My searching the internet lead to a ton of other great places to view similar types of illustrations. I am a softy for these very technical, super intricate illustrations, so when I found a site that allowed you to purchase old plates for $30 and up, I wandered around the site and found some fun images.

At one point Francesca recommended the book Webster's Visual Dictionary - which is in the vein of all this other antiqued artwork.

Here is another neat blog I found that shares the same topic : Antique Prints Blog It seems this one is much more informative of where these prints are coming from, what topics they describe, and other fun information about the days of olde.

And finally, here is another fantastic book that should grace your coffee table at home. It's huge and expensive, but quite beautiful.
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities: The Complete Plates in Colour, 1734-1765

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