Thursday, July 29, 2010

TREND : Cats with Mustachios.


A: Mustachioed Kitten Ring by fancyjewels; B: Animals with Mustaches - Set of 6 pinback buttons by BarrelOfMonkeys: C: Kittens with Mustaches Button Set by scientificculture; D: Poppy Mustache Kitty Short Sleeve Womens Tee by Cathypeng; E: Highly Refined Cat-erpillar by Cordialkitten; F: Ophelia by RacecarApparel; G: Angus the Scottish Cat-erpillar by Cordialkitten; H: Baby cat-erpillar by Cordialkitten.

SO! I thought this was hilarious. I have been known to type in fun word pairings into search fields to see what happens (and for some reason I haven't quite learned my lesson with google. Thank god for safe search.) and in this case : Cat, Mustache yielded some amazing results. Etsy, like any other fantastic place, has it's fair share of cat-related mustache-merchandise. Maybe I'm not the only one who thinks this is amazing and hilarious. I want someone to come up with stick-on-mustachios for my cats.

...Anyone? ....


Okay. Still, even this chance find is super entertaining. Cats with Mustaches? Yes, please!


  1. Love this!!!!!!!!!! Also -- catstaches on a stick can be found here:

  2. HAHAHA! Those are great! I'll need to get 5 of them, then invite everyone over to hold them up in front of all my cats...

  3. Just thought of you when I saw this :)

  4. Cool! I just found this! Thanks for featuring my mustached animal pinback buttons!

    Jill @