Saturday, November 26, 2011

PAPER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Week 1 : Teardrop Ornament


We're officially within a month of Christmas and we've been gearing up for something really special and fun for the next couple weeks! Starting this week, we're going to give everyone a link to download a super fun, paper-craft ornament! We're hoping that all the crafty people out there find awesome, fun ways of using these! Plus, we're going to be uploading our own designs for you guys to peek at and use!

Here's where the fun comes in! Each week, we'll give you a new, fun, ornament template (up until Christmas) to download and use. If you design an ornament with our template and want to share it with our readers, send it on over and we'll post it for everyone else to see and download (if you are so generous!). If you want to go the extra mile and print yours out and send us a picture, we'll post that, too! Just send your ornament files and pitures to Chris (at) paperbicycle (dot) com before Christmas Day!


Each ornament can be printed out on a sheet of letter-sized paper!

We'll be running a best-of contest, too, for our very favorite designs! How's that for a holiday bonus!

Watch for our next ornament template next Friday!
Happy Holidays and Happy Designing!

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