Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Pattern : Foliage is sort of a paisley

Like Jesse said in his post, paisley originated from some kind of stylized floral/foliage shape. So, I went super foliage on this one. Here are a bunch of paisley shaped leaves for you. You guys know how much I like drawing leaves!
I tried out one of the new ways to make patterns on this one.

Speaking of patterns. Today was a little bittersweet. It was my final patterns class at MCAD. My students were so awesome and inspirational. We went through everyone's 10 weeks of patterns and everyone had such awesome, beautiful designs. There's something to be said for keeping great company with creative, inspiring people! Tomorrow I'm off to help do a pitch in the dirty south for one of our clients! :D Wish me luck & safe travels!


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  1. ok it is time that I admit that I am addicted to this blog, and I'm actually trying to do some patterns myself, I didn't knew there where a Patterns class out there! Damn my dull Uni with it's "Theory of Design" classes.

    Anyway, I wish any of you guys were a teacher of mine, all the best wishes and admiration from México. :)