Monday, December 5, 2011

PAPER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Double Decker Snowflake

I'm visiting my parents in Mequon, Wisconsin today and am having a great time. We've spent plenty of hours talking about business, countless hours discussing housing, and even more hours making crafty things together. It's great to be home for a day. I love these guys. Plus, as a bonus, I'm getting to spend some time with my brother, Brian. He's hilarious and super fun to be around. I miss everyone here. Someday maybe we'll all live closer together.

So, tonight, after working on some other more secret projects with my mom, (don't worry, I'll share those with you guys later!) I sat down to make my ornament! Here's a double-decker snowflake for you! The only thing that would make this time any better is if I could get rid of this ridiculous, nagging cough. I blame you, Chris & Francesca!!! >:O Seems like all we're doing is trading illnesses! Alyssa, you're next!


Download the high res, 8.5 x 11" letter sized version here!

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