Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PB Studio - Cookie Party 2011

We had our Second Annual Cookie Party at the Paper Bicycle Studio this past Sunday and it was a sugar-coated blast. After hours of slaving over hot stoves, we all filed in and basked in the glory of hundreds of cookies. Some big, some small, some beautiful, some weird blobs. We had cookies up to our eyeballs.


For anyone that's never been to a cookie exchange, here's how it works: You bring a batch to the party, and then you get to take home a MILLION other types of cookies that everyone else has made! We all share cookies (and sometimes we share recipes, too!).

Luke and I are discussing cookie tips while the party begins!

Adam made "Holiday Balls"

Jesse was thrilled by the amount of cookies present

Chris is having a sensual moment with one of his Mexican Wedding Cookies

Bryan is actually having a good time, despite the stink-eye he is giving us

Mary and Ben won the "Most Innovative" cookie award for their Bacon-n-eggs treats! Look at how adorable they are!

Alyssa made TWO delicious types of cookies!

We still had (AND CONTINUE TO HAVE!) piles and piles of cookies left! If you're around the area in the next couple days, send me a note and you should stop over!
We'd love to share the holiday cheer! We can't eat all these ourselves!!


Thanks to everyone that made it out here!
Check out the rest of our photos from the party on Chris's Flickr Set : Here!

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