Friday, December 2, 2011

PAPER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Week 2 : Octagon Ornament

We're on to week 2! Can you believe it's already December? I guess it's getting cold enough, right? (Well, here in Minnesota, at least). Today I've got the launch of our second awesome foldable, customizable ornament for you! This one is a two-parter!


Download the high-res, printable version here!

Okay! So here's how you do it. With this one, you've gotta grab your glue and a little tape. If you want to use both parts, you're going to have to stick-em together somehow. I'll recommend a couple of things. If you finish folding the two little guys, you can actually use a needle and thread, tie a knot at the bottom of your thread, and string 'em like beads! With the left over thread (or ribbon -- whatever tickles your fancy) just loop it over into a beautiful bow, and there you have it! An instant hanger!

Or, if you choose one of the other orientations (like the one where the little guy is stuck on the front, you might have to use some hefty double stick tape, or a little glue! Good luck and happy creating!

Remember, if you make one and you'd like to share it with our readers, send it in anytime between now and Christmas, and we'll post it to share! (Send it to chris (at) paperbicycle (dot) com!)

We'll be posting our designs soon - It'll be fun seeing what everyone does with this shape! Ha!

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