Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Repeating Recipes : Norwegian Blueberry Breakfast Crepes


After a long drive on December 23rd, Chris and I finally arrived at his mom's house in Stoughton, Wisconsin. A grueling seven hours after we set off from Minneapolis, we unfolded ourselves from the car, stretched, grabbed our bags, dogs and presents, and wobbled up the stairs to a room filled with the Chris's ever-growing family. There were babies, siblings, pets, and great food there to greet us.

Myra, Chris's mom is wonderful, caring and very into her Norwegian heritage. Her home is decorated with a beautiful collection of Norwegian art, including a wall of intricate Rosemaling paintings.
When I thought if what kind of food to pick for my very first repeating recipe, I skipped some of the first things that come to mind, and went to something a little fun, and a little sweet.

Norwegian Blueberry Breakfast Crepes
I have limited cooking experience with Crepes, but I am a master of eating them. I love crepes of all kinds: sweet AND savory. I figured I'd choose something easy, yet beautiful to share with you! I could eat these by the truckload.


Go ahead! Download a high-res, printable version of the recipe card here!
That way, you can try it out yourself and save a copy in your recipe box!

I found this delightful recipe on Food.com, contributed by a person self-named 'Dreamer in Ontario'. It's easy to use, and delicious!

This sure beats a recipe for Norwegian Lefse, doesn't it!

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