Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ah, the creative process.


We got this email from one of our great friends (who would prefer to remain nameless) in which he wrote his re-interpretation of how work emails sound some days :).

Ah, technology.

"So uh, is it possible to open an jaypeg in Adobe Photoshop 2.0? That’s what I think I’m using. There’s a “2” in the title. My computer is hard to use. The arrow on the screen moves too fast and it’s hard to click on a window. I clicked this bar on my window and the screen went away, can you resave and resend me all jaypeg files in Adobe Jaypeg format? I need my internal designer (my brother) to mess up some fonts so I can request you to fix them again later. Oh wait, the window came back but I somehow managed to delete my entire hard drive, can you recreate all the jaypegs for everything all over again from scratch? I need this by 4 today, but please send it to me by 3:00 because I’ll have a bunch of corrections. My printer only prints photograph size paper, but I can only read poster size imagery. Can you please print these on a billboard?


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