Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Batman: The Animated Series

Does everybody remember this show? Or how well-designed it was? I forgot until a little bit ago, when I stumbled across this article about the title cards. These images work as stand-alone illustrations but also do a great job of heading what was often a pretty eerie episode.



With influence in noir film, 30s-40s design style and a score by Danny Elfman, the show retains entertainment quality. The stylization is really appropriate and enhances rather than cheapens the stories. A number of the stories themselves are really good, too!

It was also a relief to know it's available on Amazon.

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  1. Ha! 'Almost Got 'Im' is my favorite episode! Just for the scene when Killer Croc tells his tale. "I threw a rock at him!" *glance* *glance* " was a big rock."