Friday, December 3, 2010

Pistacia Vera - Parisian Macarons in Columbus

Pistachia Vera's cute storefront!

On the last day of our Columbus visit, we stopped at an adorable little dessert boutique called Pistacia Vera.
It was absolutely gorgeous in there - it was like what a high-end salon feels like, except it was the cutest, most adorable store filled with tasty goodies.

Cute Take-away packs for my friends back home in Minneapolis! (Vanilla Bean, Black Raspberry, Nutella, Pistachio)

Everything inside was really clean and orderly, like a spread out of Martha Stewart Magazine - and the food was beautiful! I tested a couple delicious cookies while we were there and grabbed a few more for the road (and for some awesome friends!)

Black Raspberry and Nutella... Mmmm

I've only ever seen Parisian Macarons online - If Minneapolis has them, I haven't found them yet. Pistacia Vera had 12 different flavors, all of which were proudly displayed in their old-school bakery case, in a rainbow of colors.

A Whole case of goodies! - look at all those flavors of macarons!

Cute Display + a funny picture of Ryan

We just had to take a couple pictures of their cute displays and the great nooks and crannies of their shop! There were only a few tables and after waiting 15 minutes for a little table to sit at, we relaxed and enjoyed some sweets and the company of our good friend Ryan.

Sugared Paté de Fruit!

I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in the area! They also have a great website if you're curious to see more of this cute shop!

Home-made marshmallows!

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